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Muttina Torana is a drama series which got aired on the Colors Kannada channel. It is a Kannada language program and got directed by the well-known VaishaliKasarvalli. The show got noted for several fan-pleasing aspects. Among them is the title song of the series which got penned by the renowned novelist Videhi. The same got sung with a lot of grace and beauty by the acclaimed singer Sangeeta Katti. Vaishali has gotten aided in the direction of the series by her daughter Apoorva Kasarvalli. The show has gotten appreciated a lot for the interesting story it presents along with the brilliant casting. The program showcases many of the qualities that one would typically associate with women, like that of sacrifices, responsibilities, and compromise. The story revolves around four leading female protagonists.

As the show opens, we get introduced to a family belonging to a lower-middle-class household. The family consists of four sisters while their father got steeped in debt owing to the machinations of a wealthy man. The four sisters are all very gifted. All the four got named after the four ragas which get played in Carnatic Music. The daughters get called Kalavathi, who gets portrayed by the actress Lakshmi Hegde Lakshmi Hegde is an Indian film actress, popular a >> Read More... , Madhuvanthi who gets played by the actress Ananya Kasaravalli Fathered by a highly esteemed recipient of nationa >> Read More... , Poorvi who gets portrayed by the actress Mahalakshmi, and Savani, who gets played by the actress Roopa. The eldest daughter is a school teacher while the second daughter works for the wealthy man who her father got indebted to long back. She silently tolerates all the nuisance which gets put up by him and doesn’t utter a word.

The third daughter studies in college whereas the youngest daughter is a great painter in spite of being deaf and mute. Tha famous actor KSL Swamy K.S.L. Swamy, Full name Kikkeri Shamanna Lakshmina >> Read More... plays the role of their father, Vaman Rao Joshi. Some of the other major characters in the series include the mama of the girls. He is a happy go lucky person who is always cheerful and tries to buoy up everyone around him as well. He embodies the attitude one should carry with themselves in life. Supporting him is the Ajji of their family. She plays the role of a very assertive and thoughtful lady who acts as a role model for the elders of the family. The leadership she displays lends gravity to her role. Anasuya is the mother of the girls, and her role got portrayed by the actress Girija Lokesh Girija Lokesh is an India based actress and also k >> Read More... . She is the central node which maintains a balance between the family amidst the variety of characteristics and personalities everyone brings to the table. A lot of women throughout India can relate to this character and the role she plays in the household.


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