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Balu Aparoopa Nam Jodi Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada
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Balu Aparoopa Nam Jodi, this is the name of a TV show which is currently being aired on the popular Kannada TV channel Zee Kannada. It is a showcase of relationships and human emotions. The story is very simple as, it follows the relationship between a man’s wife and his mother.

The main protagonist of the story is Madhu. Madhu is a very kind hearted person, she likes to help people. She is the friend who everyone relies on as, she goes out of her way to help the people around her. She is very soft natured and sensitive. The reason behind that is the fact that her family has never been able to provide her with the feeling of love. Her house does not feel like a home to her and that is why she seeks love and affection from people outside her house. Her life revolves around her friends as, they feed her emotional needs.

While helping people around her, she always gets into trouble herself. She is very naughty and one day as she is helping a friend something happens that changes her life forever.

Madhu gets married and comes to a household where the Mother-in-Law is a military Kaveramma. She is very strict and follows the rules. Madhu had always been the type to bend the rules to help her friends and coming to this household has been a big shock for her. The mother-in-law on the other hand is the type who is capable of bending the world in order to keep her household straight.

The husband and the father-in-law are always stuck between these two women and their extremely different personalities.

The story is all about how Madhu and her Mother-in-law manage their new relationships and share the household with each other. Madhu, who is from a home where her parents could never give her love and she derived happiness from helping other people and the Mother-in-law who has a very strict set way of doing things and is not willing to change her ways.



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