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Babul Ki Duaein Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV
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Babul Ki Duaein is a Hindi TV serial which is aired on Zindagi Channel from Monday to Saturday between 7 pm and 7.30 pm. The story line is written by Jayesh Patil Jayesh Patil is an Indian writer who writes for Hi >> Read More... , Radheshyam Rai Radheshyam Rai is a writer and journalist who work >> Read More... and Sushma bakthi. These story lines are brought into beautiful pictures with the direction of Aziz Khan, Satish Rajavade and Kamal Monga Kamal Monga is a director in the Indian Television >> Read More... . the story has been produced by Shobhana Desai Productions and the length of each episode leaving alone the advertisements would sum up to twenty four minutes on the whole. Babul Ki Duaein is a completely Hindi serial which has got an out ranging story line.

The story is about a father who is to brought up his seven daughters as a single parent. Lahori Ram is a typical old Indian male who has got strong belief in traditions and upholds each and every custom and values that our ancestors have left for us. Having his origin from Pakistan, Lahori Ram moves to India after the partition between the countries (India and Pakistan) . No matter how fast the world moves and evolves, Lahori Ram has never crossed his line of discipline and tradition. He has brought up his seven daughters being in the position of both father and mother and nurtured them with love from his heart. His love and affection towards his daughters is infinite and he ensures that they are brought up with high societal values and they hold on to the traditions and customs in all the circumstances of life.

The seven daughters named , Santosh, Dinky, Bala, Bunty, Guddi, Munni and Totey are unique and different/ peculiar in their own way. Having lost their mother in their formative years of life. , all the sisters have developed a strong bond among themselves with much love and care. Their love for each other is true and pure .. In spite of their varying characters, their love and affection for each other , their togetherness in thick and thin and their thought process of not wanting to see their father hurt in any situations is what makes them stay closer and stronger. Things went on well and good until each one got married. All the seven sisters settled/ got into different families such as rich, poor and other attributes. Things started to clash as they started to live apart from each other and with a new clan of people.

There is a constant battle between the new family to which they belong now and the immense love of each of their sisters and their father. Lahori Ram remains with the same level of love towards each of his daughter and he handles all the tight holes and knots with great care and cautiously ensuring not to hurt others in the process of consoling one. The star cast comprises of Sudhir Pandey Sudhir Pandey is a TV and cinema actor. Born on De >> Read More... as Lala Lahori Ram, Pooja Madan as eldest daughter of Lahori Ram, Gracy Singh Gracy Singh is a brilliant dancer and actress who >> Read More... as second daughter, Smita Bansal Smita Bansal is the famous face of Indian Televisi >> Read More... as third daughter, Gayatri Zariwala Gayatri Zariwala is an actor. She was born in Indi >> Read More... as fourth daughter, Ritu Kambow as fifth daughter, Nimrata Gill as sixth daughter.


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