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Hindi Tv Serial Baawre Chal Jahan Chalen Mann Ke Paav Re

Baawre Hindi Tv serials on Life ok
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Baawre was an Indian television series broadcasted on Life Ok in the year 2014 from Monday to Friday at 7 P.M. This show was produced by Sunshine Productions. Neelesh Misra Neelesh Misra is an Indian director, author, write >> Read More... was the writer and presenter of the show. Lead characters were played by Abhishek Rawat Abhishek Rawat was born on September 26, 1980 in U >> Read More... (Nikumbh) and Vinita Joshi Thakkar  Vinita Joshi Thakkar is a well-known actress in t >> Read More... (Yamini).

Baawre is a story of two young, growing artists, Yamini and Nikumbh who reside in Lucknow. They have diverse personalities. Nikumbh, who is very serious about his theater work is a theatre director and playwriter and doesn’t believe in shortcuts to success and is proud of his talent and hard work. Whereas, Yamini is a famous singer in Lucknow and her life is in her father’s (Raghavendra) hands, he has set a line for Yamini and whatever he says Yamini has to do whether she likes it or not. Raghavendra loves Yamini but he has some dreams for her her. He wants Yamini to go far in the glamour industry and make good contacts with high-class people. Sometimes, Yamini feels so upset that her father doesn’t care about her feelings.

One day, Azam friend of Nikumbh who love a girl Saheen took Nikumbh to Yamini’s most awaited performance where Nikumbh dislike Yamini’s performance and in her vanity van insults her. Nikumbh anger against Yamini more increased when the theatre where he used to perform given to Yamini for her rehearsals, Yamini was completely unaware of this. When she comes to know, because of her father Nikumbh lost rehearsal hall she felt bad. Yamini and Nikumbh met on a Boutique inauguration. By mistake Nikumbh slips on Yamini and ink falls on her dress and she was very thankful to him as she doesn’t want to wear the revealing dress gifted by MLA Tripathi and Neha. Later, Nikumbh loses the play slot and blames Yamini who has nothing to do with that, but when, after knowing this she comes to Nikumbh and apologizes. Nikumbh plans to direct the Play ‘Shakuntla’ written by Kalidas but unable to find the right person for Shakuntla’s role. Then, Yamini comes to him and shows her interest in playing Shakuntla, after an audition, she impresses Nikumbh and gets the role and they start rehearsing.

Meanwhile, Azam and Shaheen get engaged. While playing Shakuntla, Yamini was not happy with the sad ending of the play and asks Nikumbh to change this to happy ending so that the audience would be happy, but Nikumbh rejects the idea. On the day of the play taking Dadi’s suggestion, Yamini changes the end of the play, which upsets Nikumbh but he gets more upset thinking of Yamini… will they find their way and ever understand each other forms the remaining plot of the show.

Baawre received good response and made a good grip on audience in the first few weeks itself.


Himmanshoo A. Malhotra Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 2 April 1982
Himmanshoo A. Malhotra
Gulfam Khan Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 6 June 1972
Gulfam Khan
Gunjan Vijaya Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 31 October 1985
Gunjan Vijaya
Hemant Choudhary Hindi Supporting Actor
DOB: 5 June 1981
Hemant Choudhary
Megha Chatterjee Hindi Anchor
DOB: 17 May 1988
Megha Chatterjee