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Satish Rajwade is one of India’s most successful TV and film actors who also doubles as a television director and writer. He was born on the 9th day of January 1973 and has been in the Indian Marathi film. His acting cuts across the Hindi films and Marathi television series. His career in the film industry began when he acted in numerous Hindi and Marathi movies. Rajwade mother actually influenced his career in the film industry when she sent him as a young kid to an acting seminar for kids during one of the summer holidays in India.

He, however, somehow found inspiration from there and moved on to attend Mithibai College in Vile Parle – (West) India, a college for students aspiring for a famous career in the movie industry. As a result of this ambition, he became part of a series of play for the school he attended in the following languages Marathi, Hindi, English as well as Gujarati, where he received special awards for his outstanding performances. These awards anchored and led to his breakthrough and he was given a role in his debut professional play titled ‘Tur Tur’.

Although that would be a pedestrian to his success in which he was invited to play the role of a deaf and dumb man in the well known play ‘ALL THE BEST’, he did 890 series of the play in Marathi as well as the English versions. Sequel to this, he further acted in Hindi plays like Sanshodhan, Nidaan, Vaastav, Josh, Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa and so on and so forth. He extended his career to editing at B.R. Chopra but yet felt his ambition is not yet fulfilled, because of that he went further into directing his own film and found it challenging telling his own stories, part of his directing works was Music video ‘Na Jaane Kyun’ which was an instant hit.

Also, he was contracted by Blaze Music Company CEOs to direct the film titled the Journey of Mrugjal. Sequel to this film he was nominated as the best director in one of the awards at that period. He was contracted by Zee Marathi to pioneer a first serial titled “Duniyadari” and subsequently directed “ Kinara Story soon >> Read More... ”, “Reshim Gaathi”. And also co-directed “Oon Pawus” where he won a best director award and he also received many other awards in other films he directed such as the first thirty series of ‘WEG”. He lives in Vile Parle, Mumbai and is married to Pallavi Rajwade and they both have Hruditya Rajwade Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Yohana Rajwade as their children.


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