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Hindi Movie Actress Divya Dwivedi
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Divya Dwivedi, one of the most recognized screen faces in India is known for her beauty and appeal but the journey which she took for a step by step career ladder is not widely known. From poetry to stage, from radio to television and eventually as a leading film heroine of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films, the tale of her long but versatile journey is inspiring and stunning. The rising star of today, Divya Dwivedi who has performed against leading Bollywood heroes from Sunil Shetti to Arbaz Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and from Govinda to Tushar Kapoor was a starter poet from her school days in Bihar where she was born. With increasing appetite of creativity she soon landed a ladder step up from poetry when she joined radio and gave her voice for Nanhe Munne, then a famous children radio program.

Her next big jump was joining stage where she performed in several popular plays like Ghoonghru, Show Must Go On, Ashad KaEk Din, Maans Ka Bilap, Hum Panchhi Ek DaalKe, Rajnigandha and many more.

TV was her next pad. Rajeshwari at DD-1 was her first television play from where she became a nationwide recognized face of versatility and appreciation in which she played role of a 16 year girl to a 80 year old lady.

Video albums were her next destination. Wah Pai Wah for VENUS and Love-2002 for SUN AUDIO were her most popular acts. She also experienced her artistic creativity in modeling and did ads for Sansui TV, Polar Fan and Kuber Pan Masala.

And then came the films. Her stunning natural acting and versatility in screen performances were there to give her a jumpstart in films where she had immediate success stories including performing against Tushar Kapoor in Ye Dil, against Tabu and Sunil Shetty in Khanjer, and in Suno Suserji against Aftab Shivdasani Aftab Shivdasani is an actor and producer of Indi >> Read More... and Ameesha Patel Ameesha Patel was born on 9th June 1975. She is an >> Read More... . Her upcoming flicks include big names as well which include Campus (Tamil) and Kuch Kaha Aapne Vinay Anand Vinay Anand is a famous Indian actor who worked fo >> Read More... , Lakhan Sinha’s Jahan Jaiyega Hamein Paiyega, Krishna, and one more movie which was directed solely by famous director Priya Darshan and ali Baba Aur 40 Chor with Arbaz Khan.


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