Sulabha Deshpande

Other names of Sulabha Deshpande: Sulbha Deshpande
Sulabha Deshpande Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 1937
  • Date of death: 04-06-2016
Other Skills

Sulabha Deshpande is a very popular actress in movies and Television. She was born in the year 1937 and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She also directed a few Television serials. She acted in more than sixty-five movies that are an achievement for a theater artist. Her acting is all performance oriented, and adored by lots of people. She got a lot of fan followers, and her dedicated acting is clearly manifested. She rocked in both the small, and big screen projects.

She did her college in Fort, Mumbai, and then, she discovered her enthusiasm for acting. She initially took up the profession of teacher. In the event of making the drama acts in her school, she got inclination towards acting. Thus, she got into directing plays alongside with her husband. She set up a theater, namely Awishkar in the year 1971. Her theater made wonderful plays and emerged out to be successful. She also made some social projects like inculcating people regarding basic education. Meanwhile, she also established Chandrashala, which is a branch of Awishkar based upon Children's plays.

Her theater version Chandrashala for children turned up so successfully that the plays became absolute hits. She married Arvind Deshpande, who was passed away in the year 1987. He was also a contemporary, and talented theater artist, who turned in many hits. She acted in twenty-five movies, which were most likely based on the Bollywood film industry. The other languages that she acted are Marathi and Telugu. Her fan base and fame got to be irresistible by any actor.

She also worked as a director for a Hindi movie, namely Raja Rani Ko Chahiye Pasina, which is a children's movie. She made it remarkably big with her intellectual piece of direction. The movie got released in the year 1978. She acted in eight Television series, which were immensely successful, and thus she proved her potential in acting. As far as the theater plays are concerned, she acted in six plays.