Telugu Tv Show Cid Telugu

Cid Telugu Telugu tv-shows on Maa TV

It is the Telugu dubbed version of the most popular and most watched on the Indian television i.e. CID. The show originally airs on Sony TV and the dubbed used to air on Maa TV. It is a detective series which deals to solve one case in one episode. It is the crime investigation department that cracks the cases and catches the wrongdoer and thus creates peace in the eyes and hearts of the people. The story deals with the crime being done by a criminal and thus the police (CID) seek to find the culprit. They try to solve each and every case and thus catch the person who does that. Every episode shows the case of different type.

They also have a forensic doctor to find out the fingerprints and DNA of a person which helps the team to find the criminal very fast. Thus the whole plot was made up in such a way that i.e. used to entertain the audience and used to appeal to them. It used to make the attention of the viewers upright till the end of the episode in the same manner as it was in the beginning, thus lead to the curiosity of the spectators. The story shows ACP and two of his senior officers namely Daya and Abhijeet. The three works as a trio and work hard to solve every mystery.

Thus with the help of forensic doctors they solve each and every high profiled case and put the criminal behind the bars. With through investigation done by them with the locals and the other people involved, they come to a conclusion that this or that person is the criminal, and it is he/she who has committed the crime. The original show which used to air on Sony channel has backed many awards and has aired eight seasons till now. The show has even finished its 1000th episodes and is being run for 17 years continuously.

Based on crime fiction and suspense genre the show highlights every aspect of the working of the Indian police and the laws made by the law. Thus the audience loves to watch this serial because of some of its action packed scenes and the way the officers solve the case and reach to the depth of it. They firstly take the full knowledge of the happening and then do their investigation and in the last find the culprit. Thus at times the people are curious to know that who would be the criminal and therefore it entertains them.