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Other names : Ashta Chemma
Ashta Chamma Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
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Ashta Chamma is a 30-minute daily Telugu soap opera, broadcasting at 8:00 to 8:30 P.M. on MAA TV. The show was under the direction of Gopi Kasireddy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... with actors, Sushasini as Jyothi, Ravikiran as Sarath, Chitra Roy as Swapna and more. Ashta Chamma evolves on Jyothi, a diligent and responsible woman who is actually the daughter of a very wealthy family, but she was missing since she was 1-year old because of the cruelty of her Uncle Chinna. A poor family adopts her and later on, she became the breadwinner of that family. One day, Jyothi decided to escape from Sitha, a felon who asked to marry her. On her way to escape, she met Sarath. He gave shelter and food to Jyothi and she later fell in love with him.

While Jyothi’s real parents are in search of Chinni (Jyothi’s real name), her uncle plays a trick. Jyothi’s friend, Swapna, happens to know the real identity of Jyothi. Then her Uncle Chinna planned to let Swapna enter the house of Jyothi’s real family and act as their missing child. Subsequently, Jyothi came to know her true identity. Then she tried to prove that she is the real Chinni, with no luck. Swapna gave Jyothi’s address to Sitha and the latter kidnapped Jyothi. This is because Swapna was also in love with Sarath, so she planned to set the two apart from one another. But Jyothi managed to escape and went to Sarath. While the two were both in love with each other, Swapna wanted Sarath at any cost. A lot of twist and blackmailing happens in the story. The show has already aired more than 300 episodes.

Another Version of the Story

Ashta Chamma serial is being successfully telecasted on MAA TV at 8 pm from Monday to Friday. It has completed its 399th eposide as on 22nd August’2014. Ashta Chamma serial is directed by Gopi Kasireddy and produced by Gutta Venkateswarao. Suhasini, Chinna, Kalyan Prasad Kalyan Prasad hails from Karimnagar, Andhra Prades >> Read More... , Ravikiran etc. have acted this serial. Ashta Chamma revolves around the tale of two best friends, Jyothi and Swapna. Jyothi, the main female lead of the story, is a hard working and responsible girl. She was actually the daughter of a rich person and got missed when she was one year old.

Later she was adopted by a poor family where she eventually becomes the only earner of the family. Where as, her friend Swapna, the second female lead of the story, is from a middle class family. She always dreams of becoming a billionaire. Swapna comes to know her best friend Jyothi’s real identity and she enters into Jyothi’s original family as their missing daughter. One day Jyothi also came to know about her real identity and about her real parents. How Jyothi faces all obstacles in life and how she emerges as successful person in life forms the crux of the story.

Another version of this story..

Ashta-Chamma is a Telugu soap opera produced by Gutta Venkateswara Rao airing on Maa TV from Monday to Friday since 25th of February, 2013. It has successfully crossed a good number of episodes and now counting its stars above 1000 in four seasons. It has captured a million hearts and has made people enjoy the serial as of in reality. It is a Telugu drama aired from 7.30 pm to 8 pm. It is directed by Gopi Kasireddy starring Ravikiran and Suhasini. The plot revolves around two best friends Jyothi and Swapna. Fate turns them to be rivals. Jyothi (Chinni) is an amenable and hard working woman who fell into betrayal at a very early age by her uncle, Chenna. She has been living all her life working for the development of the low-income family which adopted her. Her life turns more miserable due to some circumstances. She elopes from her miseries and meets Sarath who later on she falls for. She finally knows her past and tries to get back to her parents.

Suryanarayana traps her and gets her tied up. Swapna is an ambitious girl who readily makes any mischief for money. Her only aim in life is to be a billionaire. She doesn’t feel guilty to do injustice to her friend joining hands with Chenna. She readily agrees to enter Jyothi’s real family in disguise of their lost daughter. The serial then concentrates more on Swapna. Meanwhile, Aditya tries to woo Swapna, and she later realises Sahiti and Aditya are against her. Swapna gets her vitality after being shot by the villain. Giri falls for Swapna. Time ties Aditya and Swapna. She faces more troubles as she gets hypnotised by some black magicians and then gets saved by Aghori.

Problems arise when she confess about her infertility to Virupakshi.Chenna and Virupakshi accuse Swapna and make plans to murder her for rebuking Suryanarayana against them for which she had no clue to prove her innocence. Swapna has a narrow escape but falls into the trap laid by Dattu. She gets stabbed and survives after a long battle for life. Dilip threatens Swapna that he would kill Aditya and finally she ends up killing Dilip. Fortunately, she escapes as the witness favour her. Aditya decides to divorce Swapna, and she agrees and signs the divorce papers for which he informs that he will marry Madhura. After a series of happenings, Rajeshwari gets along with Swapna.

In the recent episodes, it is revealed that Swapna is pregnant and Aditya abandons her saying that he is not the father. Swapna firmly claims to prove that Aditya is the father of her unborn child. Madhura wants to get rid of Swapna. Madhura forces Aditya to tie the mangal sutra and finally he doesn’t yield. Time runs where Subhash comes for Swapna’s aide, and she opens his eatery. The serial has its 1000 plus episodes aired and have not failed to keep its audience on the edge of their seats.

Another Version of the Serial...

Ashta Chemma is an Indian Telugu serial aired on MAA TV on 22nd August 2014, at 8:00 p.m. It features Madhusudan, G.S. Hari, Kalyan Prasad, Mrudula, Chitra Rai, Arusam, Madhusudhan, Bhavana, Ravi Kiran, China, Suhasini, and Ashmitha Karna. The story revolves around two best friends, Jyothi and Swapna. Fate makes them rivals. Ashta Chamma evolves into Jyothi, a hardworking and responsible woman who is the daughter of a wealthy family. But she has been missing since one-year-old due to her uncle Chinna's cruelty. A family adopts her. Later, she becomes the family's breadwinner. One fine day, she decided to escape from Sitha, a criminal who asked to marry her. On her way to escape, she encountered Sarath.

He gave Jyothi shelter and food; she fell in love with him. Jyothi Chinni is a docile and hardworking woman who was betrayed early on by her uncle, Chenna. She has lived her whole life working for the development of the low-income family that adopted her. His life becomes more miserable due to particular circumstances. She runs away from her miseries and meets Sarath whom she falls in love. While her friend Swapna, the second female lead in the story, is from the middle-class family background. She still dreams of becoming a billionaire. Swapna comes to know the true identity of her best friend, Jyothi. She enters Jyothi's original family as a missing girl. One day, Jyothi also learns of her true identity and her true parents and tries to find her parents.


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