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Auto Bharathi Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Gemini TV aired a new television series, a new daily Drama on 14th November 2011. The new serial was aired weekly from Monday to Friday at 7:30PM for only 30 minute episode. With only one season and 466 episodes, it was finished broadcasting on 30th August 2013. Directed by Kanindla Nagesh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... with the two main stars like Kiran Sai and Kalyani it's got a good reputation from the beginning.

Auto Bharathi presents the story of a woman that has to take care of the entire family after his father lost his leg in a car accident. Bharathi is the girl name and started to work as an auto driver as a profession for her father and has to keep the family respect in the society. She has an elder brother who studies abroad in a college and he will return back home soon to take care of the family as the tradition says. The action takes a big turn around and when the brother returns, he has other intentions about his life. He falls in love with a rich girl and decided to marry her and starts to ignore his sister and the family. Bharathi has to continue with this profession and she doesn’t know that she has a secret admirer that has taken her business to another level hoping that she will notice him and they will be together. The love and emotions appear from the beginning of the series and since from the 1st episode starts to be a catchy one.



Bhargavi Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 8 September 1984
Dubbing Janaki Telugu Supporting Actress
DOB: 28 August 1949
Dubbing Janaki
Kalpalatha Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 19 January 1977
Laasya Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 27 August 1989
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DOB: 12 May 1977