Telugu Editor ( 0 - 12 )

Shiva Kumar Kumba

Sasank Vupputuri


Editing An Invisible Art

A film editor is a person who removes the unnecessary  parts of a film and assembles all the scenes together to make a movie. Though his job needs long hours of concentration and scrutiny of each scene shot, his contribution to the film often goes unnoticed by the audience, and editing, therefore, is called ‘an invisible art.’ Nevertheless, his presence in the team is of utmost importance to the director because, without the editing, the magic of a movie is lost. If not for editors, films would be nothing more than simple motion pictures.

Editing converts a series of shots into a coherent, logical finished product, ready to entertain the audience. An editor has to read the script to understand the story and do his job. He sometimes visits the shooting locations as well. After the shooting is finished, he goes through all the shots and scenes, and selects those that are entertaining and dramatic, and in line with the story. He works closely with the music director and sound editors, deciding the order of songs and adding background music wherever required. When the edited film is ready, it is played before the director and the producer and any changes requested by them are worked upon by him. The final edited movie is then approved for screening. Here are the behind-the-scene heroes of Telugu cinema who add the spellbinding elements to our films. Have a look!