Alka Verma is one of Bollywood’s beautiful actresses who has been in and out of the entertainment scene. Her cute and fair features give her face exactly what an advertisement would need to have that extra bit of wow. This is why Alka Verma has often been seen advertising in commercials for different products and brands. Alka is well-known for her role in one of the longest running Indian thriller Serials, C.I.D. It involves crime scene investigations and Alka Verma plays the character of sub-inspector Muskan Gupta (2006-2007). 
After she left the show, it came to the media’s attention that Alka had been offered a major role in a recently released Indian film called Unforgettable (2014). It is a romance movie involving a love triangle story, starring Alka Verma as Tara, Iqbal Khan and Hazel Crowney Hazel Crowney is a British model and film actress >> Read More... Hazel Crowney . Alka Verma was rumoured to be the wife of Jeetendra Karani, who was also part of a controversial event that was covered by the media and appeared on social media sites. However, this has not hindered Alka Verma’s acting career and she is still considered the pretty face with a cute smile in the business that is Indian entertainment.