Tamil Tv Serial Ennudaya Thotathil

Ennudaya Thotathil Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

‘EnnudayaThotathil’ is a Tamil comedy family drama serial, which is being broadcasted on Star Vijay from October 3 2016.This Tamil serial is a dubbed version of the Hindi serial ‘Mere angnemein’, which is being aired on Star Plus. This serial depicts a middle-class family and the daily life situations they face. This is being directed by ParthoMitra, and Produced by SunjoyWaddhwa and ComallSunjoyWaddhwa. ‘EnnudayaThotathil’ is about a woman named Shanti Devi and her family. Shanti is an aged lady, who lives with his son named Raghu, and their family.

Raghu and his wife Kausalya have three children, a son and two daughters. Siva is the main lead in this serial, and his sisters are Vidya and Nimmi. Shanthi is a monarch in her family and handles every situation in her according to her own wishes. She controls each and everything in the house. Shanti has a daughter named Sarla who has 3 children named Amit, Pari and Sonu.Raghu is so much attached to his mother that he cannot tolerate even a slightest thing against his mother. Kausalya is a very calm and a sweet woman. She never goes against her mother-in-law in any situation. Shanti Devi has a soft corner for her daughter and her children when compared to her son’s children.

In spite of whatever mistakes Sarla and her children do, Shanti always supports them. Even though Nimmialways tries to expose Sarla and her daughter Pari in front of their grandmother, Shanti never trusts her. They live as a typical middle-class family. Shanti always taunts Siva for being jobless, and treats him as a burden. Siva becomes frustrated and finally finds a job. Everything starts changing in their house when Ria, the heroine of this serial enters into their life. Ria works in the same office where Siva works, and she starts loving him from the very first sight itself. Siva’s cousin Amit starts falling in love with Ria. The remaining part of the story is about how Ria gets into Siva’s life, entering into Shanti Devi’s house as her grandson’s wife and takes the control of the house from Shanti into her hand. In this family drama show Krutika Desai Khan plays the role of Shanti Devi.

Krutika is a Television actress who has acted in many daily serials. She has been praised by many for her role of Mangala in the tv series ‘ Buniyaad’, and has been well known for her role as Ambaji in Zee Tv’s Ram Milaayi Jodi. The role of Siva is played by KaramRajpal, who has acted in some daily soaps, in the recent times. Ria’s role is played by EktaKaul who is a budding actress and has done a few serials earlier. The first episode of the original version of this show has been broadcasted in Hindi on 15 June 2015. This serial is set in Mughalsarai, but has been shot in Mumbai. The character Shanti Devi is a very strong one, and Krutika has been greatly applauded for this role. This serial shows the differences between the present day generation people’s thoughts and the age old people’s thoughts.