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En Kanavan En Thozhan is a popular Tamil TV serial which is being aired in Star Vijay channel from Monday to Friday at 6 PM. It's a remake of the original serial, Diya AurBaati Hum which started its telecast in Star Plus channel from 29th of August 2011. Similarly the serial has its dubbed versions in Telugu as EeTharamIllalu, Parasparam in Malayalam, as Akashadeepa in Kannada and as TomayAmay Mile in Bengali.

The story revolves around two main characters Sandhya and Suriya. Sandhya longs to become an Indian Police Service officer and to break out from her middle class clutches for pursuing her ambition. Suriya is the male protagonist in the story who owns a sweet shop near his house. Sudden turn of events gets Sandhya married to Suriya making her to fall out from her graduation. Sandhya becomes a part of a new family where her mother in law is too strict and doesn't accept her daughter in law becoming a police officer. The serial shows the way in which the husband helps his wife to fulfill her ambition.

Deepika as Sandhya, Gautam Gulati A young, handsome, and most-talented hero look guy >> Read More... as VikramArunRathi, Anas Rashid Anas Rashid is widely known for his character as S >> Read More... as SurajArunRathi, Surbhi Tiwari This popular television actress was born in Mumbai >> Read More... as Kanchan Arvind Kothari, KiranBhargava as Malti Agarwal and Neeluas Santosh ArunRathiforms the cast of the serialalong with others. The series is directed by Rohit Raj Goyaland Sumeet H Mittal. Written by Shashi Mittal Shashi Mittal is the co-founder of the famous prod >> Read More... , SeemaMantri and RaghuvirShekhawat and it is also produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions.

The storyline revolves around Sandhya and Suriya’s marital life. After their marriage, Sandhya struggled to adapt to the environment of her new house. Santosh, the mother-in-law, was strict and had orthodox beliefs. Sandhya faced difficulties following the rules and regulations of her mother-in-law. Sandhya expresses her wish to become an IPS officer to her husband. During this time, Santosh learned the truth about Sandhya, that she does not know how to perform household duties. She kicked Sandhya out of the house, but Suriya took a stand for his wife. He convinced Santosh to let Sandhya stay with them. Suriya promised Santosh that Sandhya would learn all the duties of a married woman. He helped Sandhya to complete her education.

Eventually, Sandhya joined the IPS training academy. In the academy, Sandhya faced a lot of struggles. She proved her excellence as a police officer. However, she struggled to balance between her professional responsibilities and household responsibilities. Sandhya encouraged Suriya to follow his passion. She helped him to participate in the MasterChef challenge. Suriya struggled in the competition as he could not understand or reciprocate in English. Sandhya became his translator and helped him throughout the competition. Eventually, Suriya won the competition. Sandhya and Suriya explored their love for each other. Sandhya donated a kidney to Santosh when she learned about the kidney failure. Then, Sandhya became pregnant and expected twins. She decided to give one of the Twins to Ankur and his family.

Sandhya gave birth to two boys, Ved and Vansh. But things took a tragic turn when the babies got kidnapped. The police successfully saved Ved but informed that Vansh was dead. Though the family was heartbroken, they still survived the news somehow. Sandhya, Suriya, and Ved were happily living together. They discovered that Vansh was alive. Ankur adopted Vansh. Later, Sandhya sets on a mission to catch a terrorist. She fakes her death and leaves her family. With a new identity, she started living in Bengal. Suriya was devastated by the news of Sandhya’s death. Later, he learned the truth and helped Sandhya in her mission.

After several complications, Sandhya soon reunites with her in-laws. Suriya has an accident and ends up in a wheelchair. Sandhya leaves her job to look after her family and run Suriya’s bakery. Sandhya gets pregnant one more time and gives birth to Kanak. Suriya gets well and takes up his responsibilities. Sandhya got an offer to rejoin the police force. She encounters IPS Arpita Khanna, who initially considers Sandhya an enemy but later becomes good friends. Their life takes an unexpected turn when four terrorists kill Ankur and Ankita. They capture the surroundings and take everyone hostage, including the Rathi family. Sandhya and Suriya save everyone. But they died at the hands of terrorists. The story ends with the death of Sandhya and Suriya, representing that even death cannot keep them apart.

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