Comall Sunjoy Waddhwa Hindi Actress

Comall is the co-founder and Director of Sphere origins. It is a TV production house which is based in Mumbai and it produces different shows for different channels. She works with her husband, Sujoy Waddhwa. They both make a fabulous team and together they have made very different and one of the best serials. They both have been working together since 2002. She is very passionate about her work; every time she works on a serial, she makes sure it’s a different and unique concept. She was never into the television industry, they were so busy with their family business, that they never thought they would go into the television industry.

She came into the industry in late 90’s with a tele-film Phir Se Click to look into! >> Read More... Phir Se which came out in 2001. After that she did shows like ‘Des Main Niklla Hoga Chand,’ but she got the big break after her show ‘,’ it is based on child marriage, this brought social awareness among people of India about child marriage and its consequences. She is actually a designer and also an exporter of furniture and other accessories; she uses her talent by talking with the architectural and designing team and making the set look proper. She also checks and makes sure every detail of the set it perfect. She is very persistent and has a very strong work ethic; she likes to work with like-minded people who are ambitious, hard-working, creative, and are ready to put in extra hours. She works with a team and believes that her team puts in all their effort and work to their best of abilities.

She also has a degree in economics, but she loves challenges and therefore, she loves to take risks; it makes her more passionate about her work and she is also one of those people who think about the future, and not dwell on the past. She believes that the challenge is both social and creative, they need ratings from the critics and other people to get awards, but they also want their serials to impact the lives of the people and make the world a better place. Most of the shows that she has done are on women empowerment which is shown by a strong female lead, captivating storyline and dedicated characters. She has also shown old practices that are still happening in the rural areas and their consequences. She also believes that she is her, own biggest competitor and that they try to make their new project better than their previous one.