Pawan Chopra himself is a very good and senior actor of films in India. There are many references of Pawan Chopra. As it regards to his own Filmography and career detail, he was a very famous actor and has remained to be among the top film actors and stars in Indian film industry. He has worked in many famous films in India both new and old. But now, he is not seen much in movies. His most famous movies for which, he has been remembered the most are Moksha Salvation which was made in 2001. Similarly, he also worked in the movie named Tehzeeb in 2003. Recently, he has appeared in the movie Million Dollar Arm which was made in 2014.

If we cast a look into the family tree of Pawan Chopra, we find that, he has left quite a marvelous and talented legacy in the Film industry. Today’s famous actress of the Indian film industry Parineeti Chopra, who is emerging as a shining star day by day is the daughter of Pawan Chopra. Similarly, his niece Priyanka Chopra is also working in movies and has got a lot of fame by performing leading roles in many movies.

Pervez Siddiqui

Pervez Siddiqui is a very well known Pakistani based actor and comedian. He has worked not only in Pakistan, but also in India, and has earned a lot of fame by making his place in the field of comedy. Initially, he had done comedy shows in Pakistan. Then, he started working in dramas, but kept his line the same. He played all the comedy roles in dramas as well. Similarly, when he moved to India, he worked in the comedy field, and earned a lot of fame. In other words, he has kept a single line of focus and by working hard, he has excelled in this field. There is one thing notable about Pervez Siddiqui, that is, he has not copied anyone’s style while performing comedy shows and roles in dramas. He might be having specific inspiration, but he has not mimicked any specific style. On the contrary, he has developed his own style and performed versatile comedy roles. There are some notable names with which Pervez Siddiqui has worked and thereby developed his line. Among these, some artists with whom he has worked frequently are Shakeel Shah and Zakir Mastana. Even nowadays, he works with them and likes their company just because they have become comfortable with each other. He has worked with both these artists together in the drama named Kallo Mallo Sallo. It has been almost 15 years that stage and TV viewers have been viewing Pervez Siddiqui in versatile roles and performances. Another Version of this Bio... Right from the beautiful state of Pakistan, comes a talented artist named Pervez Siddiqui. Pervez is a comedian by profession and has been amongst the top comedians of the nation. He made his way to India through a popular show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge III (GILC), where he was giving a stiff competition to the star of comedy, Kapil Sharma, Sudesh Lehri and Chandan Prabhakar. Despite of the struggle, Pervez still managed to be the fourth best comedian of the season, which made him better than his preceding contestants, which are Rajiv Thakur and Kuldeep Dubey, who stood at the fifth and sixth position, respectively. GILC III gave him recognition in the Indian TV industry, and thus, he was back again with a bang on April 26th, 2008, at Comedy Circus by Sony Entertainment Televisions created by Optimystix Entertainments, this time with a twist. The concept of Comedy Circus is a little different, where professional comedians are partnered with TV celebrities, and thus, have to perform a duet act in front of the judges. Here, Pervez was partnered with Akashdeep Saigal, known for his negative performance named ‘Ansh’, the long haired villain (son of Tulsi) in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Two of them created wonders on the stage and gained seventh position at the second season of Comedy Circus.

Pervez Siddiqui Hindi Actor