Shraman Jain

Other names of Shraman Jain: Srman Jain
Shraman Jain, also popularly known as Srman Jain is a popular face in the Hindi TV industry. He is known for his awesome comic timing and smart acting skills. Srman first had his debut with the Hindi TV serial Adalaat. He appeared in a series of shows in this TV-serial. Right after this, his role in ‘Saas Bina Sasuraal’ also turned out to be a huge success. Srman was praised for awesome acting skills and confident way of presenting the dialogues. Apart from that, his roles in the serials ‘ Chhanchhan’ and ‘ Dadagiri’ turned out to be some remarkable milestones of his career. Shraman played the role of a carefree boy in the serial ‘Chhanchhan’ and he managed to keep the same, consistent image in the serial ‘Dadagiri’ as well. ‘Chhanchhan’ was a serial of a modern girl and her story after marriage. Srman also turned out to be extremely popular for his comic timings in ‘ Comedy Classes’.

In an interview, Srman mentioned how he was influenced by Ronit Roy. There, he also mentioned that he is constantly trying to evolve as a smart and talented actor. Due to this reason, he is looking forward to some out of the box and innovative roles in the Hindi TV industry. Last year, he also produced a Maraathi film, and tried to explore his genre like never before.

Quite recently, he was roped for Life Ok’s ‘Comedy Classes’ where he’ll be all set to impress fans with his smart comic timings. Shraman mentioned that he is highly excited with this new venture and is sure that it’ll turn out to be a successful one.