Malayalam Tv Serial Daivathinu Swantham Devootty

Daivathinu Swantham Devootty Malayalam Tv serials on Mazhavil manorama tv
Daivathinu swantham Devootty is a television serial revolving around the life of a woman named Devootty. Story begins with Devootty winning the humanitarian award. She has an orphanage which houses old people and orphans in the present. As the serial moves forward the mystery of her past is unveiled. When all was well and good in her and her father’s life, a girl named Alice enters their life and gets murdered mysteriously. The reason behind Alice’s arrival to meet her father and the suspense behind her murder is the soul of the story that keeps the audiences glued to the series.

The story is written by P.F Mathews a well known name in the TV industry thus increasing the curiosity of the series even before it started airing. This TV series has been a good change of pace for audiences who are used to watching family dramas. The series overall has a very good feel factor to it as the performances and the cinematography are very much on par with the silver screen. The lead role of Devootty is portrayed by Dhanya Mary Varghese. She carries the role with ease and poise making it a treat to watch. The show was aired on MAZHAVIL MANORAMA starting in 2011 Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm. The show has ended after airing several episodes. The show got good reviews from the audience for its new and fresh approach of serial making.

PS: The show was aired on MAZHAVIL MANORAMA Monday to Friday at 6:30 slot. The show has ended.