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A comedy series broadcasted in Kairali TV, Karyam Nissaram is an entertainer that looks in to the serious social issues in the most comical manner. Aneesh Ravi Aneesh Ravi is a Malayalam Television actor, ancho >> Read More... and Anu Joseph Anu Joseph is a familiar face for the Malayalam te >> Read More... , in the lead role play the husband and wife. Two very different people, the invisible thread of love that holds them together is well known for the audience. The wife who is a lawyer and the husband a village officer, they argue on different issues which form the theme of the serial.

Each day a different theme is taken up and solved. Both the husband and wife have a strong opinion on any social or familial issue. The difference of opinion between them and how they take it all in the ride forms the major theme of the serial. The serial, in a very humorous tone, takes up socially relevant issues and presents the two extreme view points. The husband, a very strong believer of the values of Gandhi and the wife, a very modern woman, their opinions on issues are never the same. The Karyam Nissaram serial, in fact, shows how differences of opinion need not be a negative element in the married life and how one can find humour in all these situations.

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Karyam Nissaram is a daily comical family drama soap in Malayalam Language which airs on one of the leading and popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Kairali TV. The show Karyam Nissaram is aired on Kairali TV on every weekdays from Monday through Friday in the afternoon and repeat telecast in the evening. Karyam Nissaram is a family comedy drama show about a married couple. Karyam Nissaram is directed by ace and popular Malayalam tele serial director Unni Cheriyan. Karyam Nissaram serial cast includes popular television actor Aneesh Ravi and actress Anu Joseph are seen playing the pivotal and main protagonist’s roles in the show Karya Nissaram.
This show has been airing on Kairali TV since May 31, 2013 and has been getting good responses and reviews from the audiences and is being airing successfully for more than a year now. The story of Karyam Nissaram revolves around a sweet, cute and young couple who fell in love with each other and eventually get married named Mohan Krishnan, who works as a village officer of Kaanthallur, played by actor Aneesh Ravi and Satyabhama, a reputed young lawyer, essayed by beautiful actress Anu Joseph.
The story of the show is inspired from the real life events and stories of common villagers. The story of each episode is based on a problem and mistake caused by this couple and the villagers and how they solve it together with some hilarious, comic way and the sweet and sour quarrels between them.Among all the KaryamNissaram episodes, KaryamNissaram episode 1 is the most famous.


Sujitha Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 12 July 1983
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Veena Nair
Gayathri Arun Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 14 September 1990
Gayathri Arun
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DOB: 12 September 1967
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DOB: 31 May 1972