Vishnu Prasad is a Molly wood actor and director. He is best known for his roles in movies such as 96. He works as a director predominantly in Malayalam film Industry. He is also a filmmaker. He has graduated in acting from the National School of Drama. He makes films as keeping an aim that this is his social responsibility to make people aware. Movies shouldn’t be just a part of the entertainment. According to him, movies are a medium to raise a voice against injustice and dilemma.

He started his career with Kayyethum Doorathu, released in 2020. Vishnu Prasad is known for his direction of movies, which contain some strong social messages. He also makes short films. Coming to his achievements, his first short film ‘Poka’ got screened at Atlantis film Awards in Spain, 2017. Vishnu has worked with prominent actors from Bollywood also, and currently, he is working in Kerala film Industry. Some of his prominent works are Good Home (2019), Hunted (2016),and ‘ Beware of Dogs’ and many more.