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Other names of Rajeev Parameshwar: Rajeev Parameswar
Rajeev Parameshwar Malayalam Actor
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Rajesh Parameshwar is a serial and cinema actor in Mollywood and Kollywood. He is from Thrissur and has acted in 10 serials and a few films. He is known for his convincing portrayals of negative characters and has been attacked in public for the same. 
Rajeev was never interested in acting and the Arts. His desire to act only emerged after his graduation. On responding to an ad seeking models in a Mumbai newspaper, he had his photo shoot the very next day at Church gate, Mumbai. He met actor Madhavan, then a serial actor, on the set of the photo shoot. Although Parameshwar was featured only briefly in the advertisement, which was for a watch brand, his career reached new heights. He received modeling assignments opposite Lena (then a psychologist in Mumbai), Vidya Balan Vidya Balan is an award winning Bollywood actress >> Read More... Vidya Balan and Poornima Indrajith.
He debuted in Malayalam cinema in 2001 in the movie Swayamvara Panthal. Directed by Harikumar, he was cast as the brother of Samyuktha Varma’s character. The role was minor and when there was a schedule break he secured a job in Dubai. However he returned to India and was cast in the telefilm Kaanappurangal, opposite Reenu Matthews.
Not all his characters are negative. While he plays Hari, an immoral business man in Snehajalakam, in Ente Pennu Ente Pennu is one of the most famous serials that >> Read More... Ente Pennu (My Woman) he plays a friendly IT professional. In Kaviyaanjali he played Apu, a mentally retarded person. A family once approached him in a temple and introduced him to their differently-able son. Their son was very much inspired by his character and Parameshwar was deeply moved. His portrayal of negative characters were infamous. He received much criticism for a domestic violence scene in a Surya TV serial in which, he tortures Lena. In Ente Manasaputhri (My Dream Woman) he betrays the good natured Sophie and marries her enemy. 
His convincing  performances irritated more than just a few nerves. After filming at a hospital, a nurse threw a glucose bottle at him while he was having lunch. She cited his decision to act in the serial as a reason, storming out of the room angrily.
He collaborated with Dileep in the 2010 film Paappi Appacha. He acted in Siddharth Bharathan’s 2012 film Nidra, which also starred Rima Kallingal Rima is one of the gifted actors of the industry. >> Read More... Rima Kallingal and Jishnu. He had a role in the 2014 heist film Mr. Fraud.
His upcoming films include Kaasu, Thuttu, Panam, a Tamil film directed by Kasthuriraja.