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Other names of Jayan: Krishnan Nair
Malayalam Movie Actor Jayan
  • DOB : 25-07-1939
  • Date of death: 16-11-1980
  • Lived For : 40 Years
  • Star Sign : Leo
  • Gender : Male
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Jayan was a popular Malayalam actor, who was popular for the roles in Sharapancharam, Angadi, Chandrahasam, Pudhiya Velicham and Venalil Oru Mazha. Born as Krishnan Nair to Madhavan Pillai and Bharathiyamma, Jayan was an officer in the Navy. He was popular for his stunts and acting performances. He entered the film industry through his friend Rajan Prakash, who was the son of the popular actor Jose Prakash Jose Prakash was born on April 14, 1925 as K. Baby >> Read More... . He did a small role in Shapa Moksham. The film was released in 1974, and Jose Prakash gave Krishnan Nair, a stage name called Jayan, during his debut.

His villain role in Panchami got him a good breakthrough, and he was recognized by the Malayalam audiences. His anti-hero role in Sharapancharam, yielded him lots of fans. He has co-starred Prem Nazir Prem Nazir was born on 7th April 1926 and his actu >> Read More... in lots of movies. The movie, Ariyapedatha Rahasiyam had a good stunt sequence by Jayan, and this is one among the popular stunt scenes in Malayalam cinema till now. Jayan always took risks in the fight scenes. Most of his stunt sequences were done by him, and he never allowed any dupe for him. He lost his life due to an accident in the shooting spot in the year 1980. When he performed a fight sequence in the helicopter, the helicopter lost its balance and crashed into the land. It was the movie Kolilakkam, which put an end to his life. 

Another version of this Bio...

Jayan, is an Indian film actor who has worked for the Malayalam film Industry, Naval Officer, Stunt performer of dangerous nature, and cultural icon in the year 1970s. He was born on July 25 in the year 1939 in Kollam (Quilon is the former name of Kollam) district of Kerala. His original name is Krishnan Nair. In his family, he was the elder child. His father' name is Thevelli, Kottaram Veetil Madhavan Pillai and his mothers' name is Bharathiyamma. He had a younger sibling named as Soman Nair. His cousin Jayabharathi introduced him to the film Industry. Jayan did his schooling from the Kollam government Boys High school at 10th grade. After that, he selected in the Indian Navy. In his formal days, he used to do play and participated in the anniversaries functions. He found the courage to do the films and entertainment industry from his colleagues and friends in the Indian Navy.

Jayan had the part of Indian Navy for 16 years achieving the rank of Master CPO. After the end of his Navy days, he settled the business in Ernakulam. In addition, become the inhabitant of the Cochin Tourist Home. In his days in Ernakulum, he met with a chance to meet the Veteran actor Jose Prakash's son Rajan Prakash, who then owned the dry clean shop in Cochin. Through this meeting, he gained the role of the actor in the film ‘Shapa Moksham.' This film released in 1974. After one year, he left the job from Indian Navy and tried his hand in the other Civilian jobs. And worked for companies in Cochin. He did 120 films in Malayalam films. Jayan was famous for the movies, Angadi, Sharapancharam, Pudhiya Velicham, Chandrahasam, and Venalil Oru Mazha. He did the role of villain in the film ‘Panchami.'

His role in the movie ‘Sharapancharam' achieved him to a lot of fans. Jayan did the good action stunt in the movie ‘Ariyapedatha Rahasiyam.' He did most of the stunts by himself and did not use a double for his stunts. He lost his life in a shooting for a film named as ‘Kolilakkam.' He died in the shooting scene of a stunt that had to perform in the helicopter in the open air. The helicopter could not set the balance, lost its control, and met with the crash. In the helicopter crash, the actor Jayan lost his life. He died on November 16, 1980, at the age of 41 in Madras, Tamilnadu, India.


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