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Produced and directed by Srujan Lokesh, the show is the Karnataka's most rated TV scripted show in 2015. Additionally, it also clinched the number one place in the Kannada Television Incorporation by the TRP in the past year. This show is the first directorial initiative of Srujan Lokesh, and the increasing number of title sponsors and secondary sponsors clearly proves that the show is the biggest hit among the Kannada Television industry. It has also eliminated many other similar events like Bengaluru Benne Dose regarding its popularity among the viewers of the Kannada channels. The show is a fun packed starring famous celebrities from the Kannada Film Industry.

The characters in the drama include Mimicry Dayanand, Manohar V, Aparna Vastarey, Indrajith Lankesh and Mandya Ramesh. Here Indrajith Lankesh acts as a permanent visitor of the show. The entire screen focuses on scripts of the comical nature. As said earlier, actors are asked to dignify their latest films in the forum. The series is continued on comedy-centric talk show format to make it interesting. The form of the serial was initially believed to be in line with the famous Hindi comedy event Comedy Nights with Kapil hosted by Kapil Sharma where former cricketer Navjot Singh Sadhu acts as a permanent chief guest to the show.

But the host Srujan Lokesh feels that it is an upshot to the travesty series Maja with Sruja anchored by him. The channel Asianet Suvarna telecasted this funny series during the year 2010-2011. Rekha Mohan (ReMo) is the leading band in the show. They are given a brand with a nickname 'Noise Pollution'. However in their absence, Usha Kokila acts as the backup troop to them. The show has been aired for 45 minutes from February 2015. Some of the promoted films include Killing Veerappan, Ricky, Akira, Cinema is my Darling, etc.

The drama was contesting for awards under nine categories including the award for the Favorite Family in the Anubandha Awards organized by Colours TV for Kannada television serials in 2015. But only Srujan Lokesh bagged the award for Mane Mecchida Mathina Malla (Best Orator). There are also two hours special shows are being sometimes conducted apart from the regular 45-minute show. It is being often done when there is no time available for the telecast of the following day's episode owing to various circumstances. Thus, the time would be perfectly utilized on watching these humorous episodes. These episodes are the best time killing instrument to its viewers.