Other names of Amulya: Moulya,Amoolya
Birthday: 14-09-1993
Age: 25
Star sign: Libra
Although today Amulya is one of the more well-known younger generation actresses of the Kannada screen, she had actually started off as a child artist in 2001, when she was just 7 years old, in the film “Parva” which had one of the leading actors of the time, Vishnuvardhan playing the lead role in that film. In fact, it took her another 14 years after her childhood debut, to enter films as a lead artist. That was in the film “Cheluvina Chittara” in 2007, which had a reasonable success at the box office. Later on, between the years 2008 to 2013 she achieved a fair amount of commercial success in the movies “Chaitrada Chandrama”, “Naanu Nanna Kanasu” and “ Shravani Subramanya”, though her next 4 or 5 films did not do well in the box office, although her individual performances were well appreciated. A string of indifferent results at the box office made her ponder about her future, although she could realize that it was not her performance that was to blame. She took a break for about two years, and chose to appear in the film “Shravani Subramanya” opposite Ganesh. The film was a big hit and her performance drew rave reviews from critics. This was followed in the same year, by a significant recognition for her talents when she was given the 'Golden Queen' title by her co-star Ganesh, in the film “Shravani Subramanya”. In fact, that performance also won for her, her firstFilmfare Award,for the Best Actress. After a tumultuous 2013 her appearances thinned down a bit. She had only one film in 2014, and for her first film of 2015, “ Khushi Khushiyagi”, she was paired opposite Ganesh for a third time, and once again her performance was praised by critics, many comparing this with her award winning performance in “Shravani Subramanya” In fact, she is currently filming for at least another 3 films in 2015, and seems to be well on her way to grabbing a significant spot as a leading lady in the Kannada film industry.
Aarathi Kannada Actress


One of the leading ladies of the Kannada cinema during the 70s and 80s was ‘Aarathi’, who has always displayed a workmanlike sincerity and seriousness throughout her active career, and has always been engaged in some activity or the other. Although now, past her sixties, she can very well reminisce of her active film career, which has not only seen her as one of the most prolific actresses of her time, but also as one in which she has undertaken several directorial ventures, drawing appreciation of the critics. Like her films, her list of awards also has been quite numerous, having bagged the Filmfare and the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress, four times each. In fact, even after she took to directing, awards did not leave her. In 2005, “Mithayi Mane”, directed by her, was critically acclaimed, and also won the Karnataka State Film Award for the Best Children's Film. Not surprisingly, with her love for acting, she started her career at the young age of 16, and her first film was “Gejje Pooje”, in the year 1969. Then slowly she worked her way up, getting lead roles in award winning films like “Upasane”, “Naagarahaavu”, “Shubhamangala”, and “Katha Sangama”. Her career, thereafter, had two distinct segments - one when she was a prolific actress, and the other from the late 80s onwards, when she took over the directorial mantle after a self imposed farewell to acting. In either phase of her career she has not only been energetic and enthusiastic but has shown more and more maturity as she progressed. In between, she also got nominated as a Member of the Karnataka Legislative Council, perhaps in recognition of her energetic spirit. She also had a brief stint on Kannada TV, having directed the series, “Namma Nammalli”. She could also be remembered for her collaboration with director Puttanna Kanagal, with whom she had produced a series of cult films, having worked together in almost twelve films at a stretch. Like all other leading actresses of the South, she also starred in several Tamil and Telugu films, the notable ones being “Gumasthavin Magal”, in Tamil, and “Ooriki Upakari”, in Telugu.


Anu Prabhakar

Her mother Gayathri Prabhakar, the dubbing artist and actress, had introduced Anu Prabhakar into films. She debuted as a child artiste, in the two 1990 films “Chapala Chennigaraya” followed by “Shanti Kranti” and later went on to act in over 60 films, establishing herself well in the Kannada film industry. Having acted as the leading lady in several films, she now seems to have decided to play more of cameo roles, judging from her chosen role in the upcoming film, “Fair and Lovely”. Industry circles also say that she is perhaps now trying to get into a directorial mould – a long felt aspiration of hers. On the sidelines, she is also trying to catch up with finishing her education which she had to abruptly interrupt due to the priorities of acting, when she was an upcoming actress. After all, she had debuted as a child artiste, but her first lead role came only after another 9 years in 1999. That was in the film “Hrudaya Hrudaya”, pairing with one of the leading heroes of the time, Shivarajkumar. In her longish career thereafter, she had occasion to appear opposite Vishnuvardhan in a series of films, starting with “Soorappa” in 2000 till “Varsha” in 2005, the pair being a favourite of the cine-going crowd in Kannada at that time. Though her list of awards has been impressive, the most coveted must have been the Abhinaya Saraswathi title given to her by Kolada Math (a well known Bangalore Cultural organization), for her overall contribution to Kannada films. Amongst her upcoming notable films is “Akka” where she doubles up both as Akka Mahadevi, the Kannada poetess of yore, and also as the young Jyothi who is doing a doctoral thesis on her life and works. Perhaps the only major blot on her career has come not from her acting skills but from her personal life –the much publicized marriage of hers with Krishna Kumar, well known producer of Kannada films who also happens to be the son of yesteryear actress Jayanthi did not last long and ended up in a divorce.

Anu Prabhakar Kannada Actress