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Disha Poovaiah is a Kannada film actress. Like all newcomers, she was also a dream chaser and wanted to join films at any cost. But her family was very strict and they wanted her to complete education first. She also belongs to those actresses, who would love watching movies and dream to become actress. She loved to wear make-ups and stand before mirror doing some catwalk. She loved wearing glamorous costumes and don the role of actresses. She finished her college degree from Jyothi Nivas College and before she could get a degree on her hand, film offers started pouring for her. Her family had given her maximum support to enter the entertainment industry. 

Although she made a debut in a cameo role which she said she liked to do is, because the film starred Puneeth Rajkumar Puneeth was born on 17th March 1975 in Madras, Tam >> Read More... . She got a small role to play opposite Vishal in Hudugaru, and that was her first break and she had stepped forward to make her name in movie land. She considers herself very lucky as she got roles in her hand without much difficulty at all. No sooner she was seen in Huddugaru, some meaningful roles in Police Story-3 and Rana Pratap came to her side. She also appeared in a film Aashirvada in a glamorous role and also received critical acclaim for her role in Maali and Slum. Her fans would see her again in Dandu and Naam Life Story, which also revolves around the true story of six Bangalorean friends. Both Dandu and Naam Life Story, is under production still. 

She is the face of new generation cinema and younger generations might see her in many movies that could push her to the successful heroines list. She has fulfilled her dream to land in silver screen, now the challenge lies far ahead.


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