Kannada Tv Serial Gangaa Kannada

Gangaa Kannada Kannada TV SERIALS on ZEE KANNADA

Gangaa is originally a Hindu soap opera which is shown on &TV. It is dubbed in Kannada and is aired on Zee Kannada. Yusuf Ansari is the director of the show. Manish Paliwal, Rajita Sharma and Rajesh Joshi, are the writers of the serial. It has a runtime of twenty-five minutes. The first episode was aired on 6 March 2015. As of now, it has aired over 450 episodes. Sunjoy Waddhawa, Vivek Budakoti, Comall S. Waddhawa and Rajita Sharma are the producers of the soap opera.

It is less than two years old and gas already won various awards in the television industry. Aditi Sharma, Rucha Gujarati, Akash Gill, Abhishek Tiwari, Vishal Vashishta, Hiten Tejwani, Puja Sharma, Roop Durgapal, Ruhana Khanna, Gunjan Upari, Sushmita Mukherjee and Rizwana Sheikh, are the main characters of the show. Gangaa is a girl who was married off at a young age. Before she could meet her husband, he and her father died in the riots near the banks of Ganga in a small village near Varanasi. With nobody to help the young widow, she is placed in a home which is being run by women who are in a similar situation like her. She fights with the society to live a happy life. She doesn't know of the restrictions the Indian society has been placing on the widows.

There are various restrictions being put on her, and she is fighting with all her strength to prove them wrong. During her stay in the Chaturvedi house, she starts developing feel out for friend Sagar. Everyone in the house knows what's going between the two. They all get angry and are strict with Gangaa ever since. The serial later fast forwards itself ten years and documents the life of Sagar and Gangaa, and their struggle against his family to stay together. 

They move out of the Chaturvedi house and start living separately. Due to his family, they are not able to marry. Seven years pass by as they fight for their love. During this time, Gangaa gives birth to a girl. Sagat knows that he is the father but is unable to do anything. Gangaa has to alone raise the little girl. The society is not ready to accept her and most of the times, they ignore her.