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Sri Raghavendra Mahime is a devotional series which got aired on the Colors Kannada channel. It is a Kannada language show which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday in the 8:00 PM time slot. It premiered on Indian television screens on 13th August 2012. It chronicles the life of the renowned saint, Sri Raghavendra Swamy. He lived an austere life and got known to possess supernatural powers as well. It takes us along the journey of the great saint himself. Starting from his rise to sainthood, and going on through his later years.

The series shows us the many miracles which this great man brought to fruition and the number of lives he impacted. Many of his teachings remain valid even today as we get to see in the course of the program. The show thus has an educational aspect to it as well as it serves up knowledge about the renowned saint who got revered by millions the world over. One of the most well-known and eminent names in the Telugu film industry, the famous director K. Raghavendra Rao, who is also the owner of the production house of RK Tele Show has produced this show. He has appointed the veteran Kannada film actor, Sridhar, in the lead role of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.

The team for this venture has gotten chosen with the utmost care. They have all established names in their respective fields. Hamsalekha, who is a music director with a national reputation, got selected for creating the soul touching music for the series. Supporting them in this venture is Udaya Bhasker, who is the episode director for the program. The cast too boasts of some of the best names including the likes of Babu Hirannaiah, Bhavyasri Rai, Alaskan and, Radha Ramachandra, Suchitra, Sapnaraj, Girish, Jayakumar and much more who bring this saga to the screen.

The story of this series begins by showing the saint, Sri Raghavendra Swamy, during the final days of him entering Brindavana located in Mantralaya during the year of 1671. The show also consists of a British official who was from the Brindavana. One of the unique incidents which gets covered in the series, and which is actually unknown to most devotees, is that Bhakta Kanakadaasa had also conducted a meeting along with Guru Sarvabhouma during which they went on to discuss many spiritual topics. The story also featured many flashbacks. During these, the life sketches focused upon the Tretayug and Dwaparayug got covered.


Dwarakish Kannada Director
DOB: 19 August 1942
Yogaraj Bhat Kannada Director
DOB: 8 October 1973
Yogaraj Bhat
Srinivasa Prabhu Kannada Supporting Actor
DOB: 30 November 1963
Srinivasa Prabhu
Chetan Kumar Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 2 December 1983
Chetan Kumar
Daisy Bopanna Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 4 December 1982
Daisy Bopanna