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Tulna Butalia

Tulna Butalia is a budding Bollywood actress who made her debut with the film, 'Fedrick'. The film had two debutant artists, Avinash Dhyani and Tulna Butalia, who played the lead roles. The film is directed by Rajesh V Butalia. The producer of the film is Manish Kalaria and is supported by Suresh Thomas. The film stars Prashant Narayanan in a pivotal role. Manish Kalaria and Evana Entertainment production's 'Fedrick', has music score by Sunjoy. The film has a great thrilling story which takes the focus on trafficking issue. The two couples, Avinash and Tulna, hide their identity and go to Mussorie. But on their mission, Tulna gets kidnapped, and Avinash finds the photograph of his missing sister. The film had some nice performances from the two debutant artistes, and the music was also good for the ears to listen. The film was like a breath of fresh air, and so was the photography. The actress didn't have any earlier planning to act in the movie. Before this flick 'Fedrick', she got two or three offers to act in movies. But the actress rejected them. Hence, when an offer for the movie 'Fedrick' came to her from producer Manish Kalariya and director Rajesh Butalia, she was thinking about, whether she would be able to do any justice or not. The actress applied for the audition and completed the screen test required for the movie, and passed the test. She didn't have any training in acting, but she got all sorts of help or guidance from the director Rajesh Butalia. The actress told media that the director provided her all kinds of training and guidance. The director even kept a workshop especially for her to take a training in acting. Also, when actress Tulna couldn't give a proper shot for any scenes, the director took her into confidence and gave her extra time to prepare the scene. Her co-star Avinash was too very cordial on the sets, and it was an astonishing experience for her to act in the movie. It is known that she learned every aspect of acting from the set of the movie itself, and this was a reason that made her nervous all the time. The only plus point in the actress is that she has been a very active person since the beginning and this helped her a lot to overcome her nervousness. Also, she did learn kickboxing too, but when some action scenes are required to perform it was a completely different aspect. Stunt master Vicky taught her many action sequences, and it took a long duration to get to the actual shot required for the scene. Tulna is glamorous and spontaneous before the camera, and although she has been new to the cinema when people watched her in the movie ‘Fedrick’, it was difficult to tell that she was a newcomer at all. Tulna Butalia has a promising future provided she gets guidance as a newcomer.


Amrita Jazzmyn

Amrita Jazzmyn is an optimistic, vibrant, cultured and driven artist of UK origin. She discovered her passion for the screen at a young age and modeled her career as an actress, screenwriter, model and an aspiring director. She is committed to learning and continue broadening her horizons and challenging her new goals always. She is fortunate to work with the director, actor, and crew of big banner movies in Bollywood which included like Bhoothnath Returns, Shamitabh, and Phantom. She also believes in committing herself to any kind of work in movies, TV shows or even stage. Although she is yet to get a lead role or even supporting role in any movie, she is lucky to work with a highly regarded clientele across the UK and Mumbai. This actress has been quite selective in her roles, and she proved to be a dancer, model, film actor, musician, film and stage crew and even a photographer. Her main focus has been acting and direction. This model-cum-actress looks forward to all the opportunities she will have in the next few years. She loves to entertain audience and expert dancer too. She is focused on what she is always doing, and had the opportunities to act in the big banner, she is extremely dedicated and committed. She takes direction too as an assistant crew and hopes that she will find some opportunities that will show her to express as an actress and even director. This actress loves putting her thoughts before the camera, and it is a great fulfillment and comes to her quite naturally. This actress got a guest role in a TV Drama about a fictional British Royal family titled 'The Royals' (2015) created by Mark Schwahn. Director Joel Novoa while making 'ID2: Shadwell Army' cast her in a cameo role as mosque attendee. It is said that she also had a credit of working in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ (2016).

Amrita Jazzmyn Hindi Actress