Hindi Tv Serial Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv
Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is a newly launched Indian Television series on Colors TV. It is created by Balaji Telefilms and developed by Ekta Kapoor. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. The Story is written by Sonali Jaffar and dialogues by Ritu Bhatia. It is directed by Anil V Kumar. The show seeks to tell a male Cinderella kind story, where a petty servant has fallen in love with his owner’s daughter.

The show is set in present day Mumbai and is a one-sided love story of the male protagonist Ranveer played by Shakti Arora. The show showcases the value of a big gujrati joint family who live together in Mumbai. It seeks to tell the story of love, loyalty and friendship between Ranvir and Ishani, played by Radhika Madan. Ishani means the world to Ranveer and he will do anything to see her happy. What is love for Ranveer is just pure friendship for Ishani. As a play of fate, Ranveer has to play match-maker for Ishani, and make her fall in love with the guy chosen by her parents, Chirag played by Ravjeet Singh. How Ranveer keeps his love a secret and works towards Ishani’s happiness forms the crux of the story.

Kailash Waghela and Amba Kailash Waghela, played by Shahab Khan and Utkarsha Naik respectively, are Ranveer’s parents. Hansa Govardhandas Parekh aka Baa, played by Sarita Joshi, is Ishani’s grandmother and the main antagonist at present. Harshad Parekh played by Prithvi Sankhala is Ishani’s step-father and Faluguni Parekh played by Gauri Pradhan, is Ishani’s mother. Nitin Vakharia plays Mitesh Parekh, Baa’s second son and Manisha Kanojia and Anmol Parmani play his wife Chetali Parekh and son Devarsh Parekh respectively. Manahar Parekh played by Mihir Rajda is Baa’s youngest son and Vishakha Parekh played by Amita Choksi is his wife. Maleeka Ghai plays Madhavi, Baa’s widowed daughter and Hardik Thakkar plays Prateek her son. Aparna Dixit and Mohsin Khan play Gauri Parekh’s parents- Gauri and Romeil.

The show marks the comeback of Gauri Pradhan Tejwani into Television. It was also rumored that Paridhi Sharma aka Jodha of Jodha Akbar would be playing the lead role in this serial but was replaced by Radhika Madan later. Ekta Kapoor also bought the rights of the song ‘Tum hi Ho’ from Aashique 2 for this serial.

The show premeired on 24th June, 2014 and is running successfully. The shows is telecasted from Monday-Friday, 10 pm IST.