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Do Dil Ek Jaan Hindi Tv serials on Life ok
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Do Dil Ek Jaan is an Indian drama, action, romance-based TV series broadcasted under Life OK channel. It was premiered on June 3, 2013 to January 24, 2014.

The story is all about Antara (played by Nikita Sharma Nikita Sharma is a famous Indian Television Actre >> Read More... ), a Kashmiri who migrated to Mumbai and fell in love with an assailant, Raghu (played by Ayaz Ahmed Ayaz Ahmed rose to fame after his appearance on MT >> Read More... ). Antara’s life was changed when her father died due to a terrorist attack. Her mother loses her mind so they move to Mumbai. When she met Raghu, they despised each other, but Antara didn’t get scared with Raghu. Later on, the two developed their friendship due to some minor circumstances, which involves Raghu assisting Antara. Antara soon learned about Raghu’s past. She found out that his real mother died of an illness and Daya Mayi (played by Kamya Punjabi / Shilpa Shinde Shilpa Shinde is a prevalent Hindi TV performing a >> Read More... ) took care and raised him as a grandson. Learning about Raghu’s past, Antara felt sorry and started caring for him. She found comfort in Raghu and she was able to reveal all her burdens in life. Raghu shared about his previous life and supported her to move on. He promised Antara that he will always be there for her.

When the two realizes their feelings for each other, the biggest problem arrived through Daya Mayi. She just returned from jail and she disliked Antara so much. Raghu adores Daya and he did what Daya told him. But because of Antara, Raghu started questioning the simple instructions that Daya Mayi is throwing unto him. He does it intuitively without knowing why, causing Daya Mayi to dismiss Antara from working as Aaji’s (played by Jayshree T.) caretaker.

Aman (played by Vineet Kumar Vineet Kumar was born in 1957 in the capital of Bi >> Read More... ), who was the culprit in Ashok Kaul’s (played by Farooq Sheikh Farooq Sheikh is a legendary actor, a television p >> Read More... ) death attempt to informed Raghu that he was also involved in the bomb attack since Raghu got a packet from him and told him to give it to Ashok’s killer, Raghu was oblivious of the fact. Aman tried to tell Raghu everything through a letter. Meanwhile, Daya Mayi attempts to avoid Antara. She thought that she was a threat to her and a weakness to Raghu. She ordered Manohar (played by Darpan Srivastav) to call the pest control and smoked their house to kill Antara. Ishaan helped Antara in realizing the importance of Raghu and she ended up thinking how she deeply falls for him. Eventually, the two admitted their feelings for each other.

Satya, Daya Mayi’s son returns. He and Raghu despised each other so much. One night, Daya Mayi saw Raghu and Antara hugging, and finally accepted their relationship. Satya saw Antara and fell in love with her. But he found out that Antara and Raghu is in love with each other. He plan to break the relationship of the two. The two had a fight until Satya took Antara to an isolated place and asked her to leave Raghu. But Raghu beat Satya and took Antara away from him.

Daya Mayi plans for Raghu and Antara’s marriage but her real goal was to separate the two. She gave Aman’s letter to Raghu and he was traumatized to learn everything and was confused on his wedding. He’s thinking that if he continues, he would betray Antara. But in the end, he chooses to reveal everything to Antara and promised to give her all the happiness and she will forget everything on her past. Daya Mari tortured Aman and asked him to tell Antara everything on the night of her wedding. But she refused to believe in him. However, she has decided to call off the wedding. Antara marries Satya as a vengeance to Raghu. But she later finds out that she has Raghu’s baby. She attempts to abort the baby but she couldn’t. Antara realized that she was still in love with Raghu despite of everything. Raghu and Antara decided to leave. Daya Mari and Satya tries to find the two but they failed.

Antara gave birth and Satya finds her. He killed Antara and Raghu, and then marries Manjari (played by Kanishka Soni Kanishka Soni is an Indian model and actress. She >> Read More... ) and they soon have their daughter, Vedika (played by Shrithama Mukherji). Time passed by until Vedika grew up. Vidhan (played by Kanwar Dhillon Kanwar Dhillon is the son of Deep Dhillon, a veter >> Read More... ) returns and fell in love with Vedika. They got married secretly. Manohar killed Daya and Manjari, and then Satya killed Manohar.

In the end, Satya killed Geetha and Vidhan to find her daughter. Vedika kills herself and Satya shoots himself as well.

Another version of this story...

Jaan TV series is also known as Do Dil…Ek Jaan and it was broadcasted for the first time on Life OK television channel. It was launched on 3rd June 2013 until 24th January 2014 with only one season and 165 episodes with 30 minutes each. Jaan TV series is Drama and an Action Romance, starring with Nikita Sharma and Ayaz Ahmed from India. It was produced by Abinav Shukla and Saurabh Tewari Saurabh Tewari is the founder and director of the >> Read More... and it was filmed in 3 locations: Mumbai, Gulmarg and Kashmir. With cast like Kanwar Dhillon, Ayaz Ahmed, Akshay Dogra Akshay Dogra of Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon fame who >> Read More... , Shritama Mukherjee,Kishori Shahane, Jaskaran Singh Born on January 16, 1982 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh >> Read More... , Farooq Sheikh and many others great actors it was really appreciated in India in 2013.

Jaan series presents us the story of a girl called Antara and lives with her family in Kashmir. Her dad died in a terrorist attack and after that her mother loosed her minds. They had to move in Mumbai and there she founds a boy named Raghu and falls in love with him. At the beginning they hated each other but after a while they created a strong bond and they started to feel something for each other. They face many challenges, many problems in love with many characters that makes the action to take different turns every time and deserve to be watched again.


Avinash Wadhawan Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 2 November 1986
Avinash Wadhawan
Kanwar Dhillon Hindi Supporting Actor
DOB: 15 March 1993
Kanwar Dhillon
Deven Bhojani Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 25 November 1969
Deven Bhojani
Kashif Khan - Comedian Hindi Comedian
DOB: 17 August 1977
Kashif Khan - Comedian