Danish Ali is a Pakistani doctor-turned-stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer, director, and a prominent radio personality. He was born on April 1983 in Karachi, Pakistan. It is his dream to become a surgeon since his 8th grade, but when he got to a medical school, he realized that laughter is the best medicine and started liking comedy more. He finished his degree while searching on how to make people laugh. Ali and his family lived in California, USA when he was a child and later moved to France during his teenage years. He started off with an English improvisational troupe called Shark, together with the internationally acclaimed Pakistani actor and comedian, Saad Haroon. After few years, he wrote and became the host of The Real News, the first English-language comedy show in Pakistan, along with Haroon. Ali broke the YouTube mark of having one million views some time ago, and the show was also presented on Al-Jazeera network.

He turned solo in the year 2011 with his very own stand-up comedy show entitled Danish Ali Live. In 2012, he was invited to perform on a comedy tour and represent Pakistan in stand-up comedy, which was sponsored by the United States in places like Providence, New York, Worcester and Dartmouth College. Ali later wrapped up the first season of the comedy show, The Real Show with Danish Ali, which was aired on Aaj TV. He also performed in ‘This is Stand Up Comedy’ together with Haroon and in the comedy tour, Very Live. Ali also donned short films like Jawad: The Misunderstood Orphan. Ali performed in many live events and a variety of filmed shows. He is also busy making his original content for his social media channels, which are mostly about the humorous study of the society in Pakistan and their cultures. Recently, he moved to Canada from Pakistan, and he has been shuttling between the two countries.