Hindi Tv Serial Kaahin Kissii Roz

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Kaahin Kissii Roz - Shaina and Kunal is a married couple. They are happily married and living together for a long time. Shaina is always disturbed by a spirit. Shaina gets to know about Kunal’s past, about his previous wife named Sunaina. She died four years earlier. The hidden secret was Shaina is actually Sunaina. She had surgery. So nobody actually knows her as Sunaina. Everybody recognizes her as Shaina. But none knows that Shaina married Kunal for revenge as she thought Kunal was the reason of her death. But the interesting and turning point was Kunal didn’t murder her.

The main culprit was his mother Ramola. The story goes on and after some time of the marriage, she comes to learn about the history and the hidden secret of her life. Shaina As a result, conflict starts. Ramola starts a case against Kunal and Shaina. And they were jailed. They fled away from jail with the help of Kuljeet. So they take revenge. Ramola gets haunted and upset gradually. Eventually she gets into psychic case. Police wants to arrest her, but she kills some of them. Finally she was killed. Nikhil who was in fact Kunal, kills her. This is the story line in a nut shell. (April 23, 2001 – September 23, 2004)