“Kamini Khanna” is a famous Indian celebrity hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was born to a prominent actor “Arun Ahuja” and a legendary classical vocalist “Smt. Nirmala Devi”. Kamini is a renowned writer, a talented singer and a music director. She is the proud sister of “ Govinda Govinda is a popular Bollywood star who is known f >> Read More... Govinda ”, who is known for his acting, dancing skills and humor. She has two children, “ Amit Khanna Amit Khanna is very well talented small screen act >> Read More... Amit Khanna ” and “ Ragini Khanna Ragini Khanna is a well-known Indian model, film a >> Read More... Ragini Khanna ” who is an Indian Television actress. Kamini completed her education from Mumbai University in the year 1977. She was a brilliant student and also was the topper in the university. Her career and personal life had some major ups and downs. Kamini got married to a Punjabi man. After her marriage, she had a few struggles to fight with. The extreme climatic conditions in Punjab didn’t suit her health.

And so Kamini was ill. She suffered from burns, pleurisy, arthritis, abortion, typhoid, spondylitis, nervous breakdown, slip disc, panic attacks, hiatus hernia and what not. After all these many complications, she weighed around 95kgs and that’s when her weight loss journey started. She didn’t give up and rather chose to survive. She consulted her doctor and decided to go for a natural cure. The doctor suggested a lot of medical remedies but most importantly told her to decrease her weight to stayhealthy. Initially, the doctor said to reduce minimum 5kgs and Kamini decided and promised to shed down 20kgs, all thanks to her determination. Walking and exercising was not possible due to her weak physical conditions. But she didn’t give up. She used to wear an orthopedic belt around her waist and a collar around her neck and walked in her terrace.

She also started doing yoga. She changed her diet. Her diet included all fruits, vegetables, water, drinks, juices, herbs, dry fruits, etc. She also started meditating which improved her nervous system. Gradually, she lost around 15kgs and gained confidence and started working. Just like her parents, Kamini is also an immensely talented singer. Her passion for singing and music were since her early days of her life. After being an amazing singer, she has proved to be having great conversational writing skills. She has written the story, dialogues and also the screenplay for some movies like ‘EkNaiDisha’ and ‘Aunty No. 1.’Moreover, one of her directorial ventures includes a film titled ‘Sukh.’

She is not only the music director but also is the lyricist and the background musician for the same movie. Kamini has not just worked behind the scenes for movies. She has also worked in commercials and advertisements related to ‘SonaChandi’, ‘Ultratech cement’, ‘Aircel Apps’, ‘Brylcream’, ‘Goodnight’, ‘Amritprash’, ‘Lehar Mirinda’, ‘Navatna Tel’,etc. for writing and direction. In addition, she has also been a part of motivational shows as a radio artist in ‘Aakashwani’ and RJ for ‘Meow Radio station’. She has received various awards from famous personalities like “Amitabhji” and “ Smita Thackeray Smita Thackeray also known as Ms.Smita is from a H >> Read More... Smita Thackeray ”. Simultaneously, “Kamini” invented a therapeutic science called ‘Beauty with Astrology’ to this world which is not only related to inner beauty but also outer beauty.

It is a combination of meditation and yoga along with astrology and Ayurveda. With this initiative, she started teaching courses for meditation, yoga, weight loss, to change the complete image of a person. She enhances positive abilities, behavioral skills, styling, etc. She is a columnist for numerous well-known newspapers like Samna, Navbharat times and DainikBhaskar.With her confidence, dedication and hard work, she aspires to change lives of other individuals through her science and hopes to continue to do so.