Hindi Tv Serial Begusarai

It is an Indian drama Television series, Which premiered on March 2, 2015, and telecasted on &TV. The timing of serial is every Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM. Number os episodes till now is 300. The casting is ShwetaTiwari, Vishal Aditya Singh, Veebha Anand, Ankit Gupta and Abhimanyu Raj Singh. This series is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and produced by Shashi Sumeet Production Swastik Pictures Production Pvt.Ltd. This is daily soap series which consist a lot of drama. This story is about to a place of Bihar called Begusarai. It is a backward place, where narrow- minded and freakish people reside.

Phulan Devi and her family rule over this place and people through bullets and guns. Each residence of Begusarai is afraid of Phulandevi and his family. They have to battle for his Zoru, Zameen and Zar. People tried a lot for getting rid of Phulandevi and her family, but she threatens everyone with bullets and kill anyone for unnecessary reasons, and her terrorism continues for long lasting. Now the series move further for 20 Years. The story revolves around Bindiya Thakur (Shweta Tiwari).

People of Begusarai used to call her “Maa Thakurain.” She stays and takes care of Five sons who worked for unity and non-corrupted place of Begusarai; as she is protective if anyone coming between them and splitting apart them. Abhimanyu Raj Singh (Ramakant Mishra) is loyal Head constable and belief in value and principle. He has a daughter Vibha Anand ( Ananya Mishra). She is Charming and has warm nature and son Vijay Kumar Singh (Mayank), he is aberrant. This is sweet and small nucleus family.

Ramakant Mishra got transferred to Begusarai as Chief Constable in Police station. Ananya and Shakti Thakur Vishal ( Aditya Singh, MaaThakurain’s son) Both attracted toward each other and started loving. Mayank and Soni Riya (Deepsi, Daughter of Thakur family) dislike each other initially; but after a lot of conflict and drama, they too started loving each other. Now, The storyline takes new twist with Maa Thakurain who wants to rule over Begusarai as well as people of Begusarai, But her son and Daughter started loving Ananya and Mayank.

Maa Thakurain does not like both of them as well as their father. Ananya, Mayank, Soni and Shakti put efforts for solving the conflict between family. Further, the story portrays many twist and turn which attract audience toward serial. The Former cast of serial include; Shivangi Joshi, Satraj Gill, NarendraJha, RatiPandey and much more.