Aalika Sheikh Hindi Actress

Aalika Sheikh is an Indian television actress and model. She has started her career in 2009 on a Star Plus show Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya (also known as Pratigya) in the role of Kesar. Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya was written by Pearl Grey Pearl Grey is a famous Indian producer who has pro >> Read More... Pearl Grey , Shanti Bhushan Shanti Bhushan is an Indian writer who has worked >> Read More... Shanti Bhushan , Vishal Watwani Vishal Watwani had started his career as an actor >> Read More... Vishal Watwani and Ahsan Bakshi and directed by Ravindra Gautam Ravindra Gautam is an Indian Television Director. >> Read More... Ravindra Gautam , Arvind Gupta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Arvind Gupta , Prasad Govandi and Sandeep Vijay Sandeep Vijay is a television serial director who >> Read More... Sandeep Vijay . Aalika Sheikh is a charming and beautiful actress among her co-workers. Pooja Gaur An Ahmedavadi by birth, Gemini being her zodiac si >> Read More... Pooja Gaur and celebrated Aalika Sheikh's Birthday at her home.

Aalika Sheikh is looking forward to the determination to shoot spin-off of the famous show to showcase. Discussingabout the Pratigya family, Aalika said that she was eager to be a part of the demonstration once more. She added that they missed their pastimes of the shooting which was worth remembering. Aalika also loves to work with her co-stars like Pooja Gaur, Jaswant and Arhaan Behl. Of course, they will miss working with their co-star Arhaan who is not dissociating himself from Pratigya 2.

She said that on her birthday Pooja was hosting a get-together and the Pratigya family had been welcomed. They would have a decent get-together that day. Shashiand Sumeet Mittal were well known as the creators of highly rated shows. Additionally, Aalika conceived the part of Shraddha Arya's sister-in-law in the upcoming untitled show.