Hindi Tv Serial Baa Bahoo Aur Baby Season 2

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby Season 2 Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

It is a cult serial which used to air on Star Plus between 2005 and 2010. It used to be aired on primetime television on weekends. It is considered to be one of the best soap operas to be ever produced by Star Plus, if not the best soap opera of the country. The drama was produced by Hats Off Production. The serial focuses on a large family, Thakkar Family, which stays in Vile Parle East, Mumbai. Sameer Kulkarni and Dipesh Shah are the directors of the daily soap.

Season one of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby was twenty minutes long, whereas the second season was forty minutes long. Godavari Thakkar is the leader of the family. She was from a rich family, and she along with her five sons and two daughters, lives in the famous Krishna Villa which was given to her by her brother who lives in the United States.

Godavari is married to Labhshankar Thakkar. Despite her husband being alive, she is touted as the leader of the family because he is always indulged in drinking and other bad habits. When they were young, Labhshankar used to spend all his earnings on alcohol. They used to live in a small house, being barely able to maintain themselves. Godavari had to work all the time by running a tiffin service.

She used the money which she earned to educate her children. Her five sons turned out to be fine, with each of them being able to support their families. Gopal turned out to be mentally incapable of working. She also adopted a son, Mehul, who is an insurance agent. He later left his job and went to work in a bank. Godavari and Mehul don't have the best relationship between them. In the second season of the Star Plus daily drama, Baby finally finds a match who is ready to ignore her handicap.

He happily marries her and they both settle in the States. Godavari has finished writing her red book. She later publishes the book in a grand ceremony where all the people who are related to her are present. Dimple, a.k.a. Baby, is giving birth in the US, and all the members of the family go there to visit her. Everybody has finally found his or her life partner and they are all happy. Godavari has a hospital named after in the city of Kansas.