Jamnadas Majethia

Other names of Jamnadas Majethia: J D Majethia
Birthday: 05-02

Versatile man of many talents, J D Majethia or Jamnadas Majethia is widely recognized for his comedy acting, especially in the series ‘ Khichdi’ which aired on the channel Star Plus. However, he is not only an actor but a director and a producer as well, working outside Hindi-centered entertainment to his origin Sindhi and Gujarathi theatre for plays.

Mr. Majethia has played characters ranging from supporting roles to central comedy roles such as: Maleyketu, son of Pauravraj, in the television epic ‘ Chanakya’ (DD National, 1991-1992) based on the life of 4th Century Indian economist, political philosopher and tactician of the same name; Paresh in Karishma Kaa Karishma (Star Plus, 2003); Himanshu Seth, the foolish younger brother of Hansa in Khichdi (Star Plus, 2002) and Instant Khichdi (Star Plus, 2005-2006); Dr. Harshad Thakkar in Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Star Plus, 2005-2010) and finally, as a contestant in the reality show Survivor India in which he achieved the title of runner-up.

His work as a producer started in 2004 with Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai’s co-production alongside Aatish Kapadia. While it was slated for a second season as it was enjoyed and applauded by both the audience and the critics alike, also achieving one of the highest TRPS ever for a comedy series in India, it did not return to television. Nonetheless, J D Majethia continued his groundbreaking work, not only acting but also producing funnier and consistently family-friendly serials and movies such as Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Khichdi: The Movie, Mera Naam Karegi Roshan, ‘ Behenein’, Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum and Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka.

Of these, Khichdi enjoyed a large amount of success for being entirely different to usual Indian comedies – it broke many stereotypes and became popular in an age where the Indian audience was hooked to dramatic family soaps. It also had J D Majethia in a notably humorous character with the catchphrase “Kisi ko pata nahin chalega” (translation: No one will find out).

Majethia’s birthday is the 5th of February and he is a family man with 2 daughters, Kesar (age 13) and Mishri (age 7), both who he absolutely adores. He expanded his work in the year 2013 with the launch of HatsOff Actors Academy.

Jaideep Suri

The light-eyed actor cum model Jaideep Suri was born on October 25th. He has modeled for Farenheit, Gio T-shirts and Shemera garments, and has also done television ads for LG mobiles and TVs, Hathaway internet connection. Apart from that, he has featured in devotional videos affiliated with the music brand T-series. Jaideep has been acting in the series Ghar Aaja Pardesi (Sahara One) essaying the role of Munna Mishra since the beginning of 2013. Munna is a political figure as the grandson of the most influential man in the village. He is an aggressive man of the belief that Indian institutes should only cater to purely Indian students and not to NRIs. He has also appeared Krishna’s friend Chandu in the well-received series about women-related social issues, Mann Ki Awaaz - Pratigya (Star Plus) which aired from 2009 to 2012. The show has won multiple awards; it is based on the dominance of men in society and at home, and how one family breaks society’s rules so the daughters could thrive. Some other serials Jaideep has appeared in are Rishton Se Badi Pratha (Colors), Yeh Ishq Haaye (Star One), ‘Aladdin’, ‘Sarrthi’, Vikram Aur Vaital and ‘C.I.D’. He has also starred in the movie ‘Crook’ in a supporting role. This movie is about the attacking of Indian students in Australia due to corrupt police and racial bias which in turn causes problems in the life and relationships of an Indian crook on the way rehabilitation. Jaideep can be seen in the movie “Azaan” (2011) as well.

Jaideep Suri Hindi Actor