Sameer Kulkarni is an actor and director by profession. He is mostly known for his performance in the flick Nana Mama which was released in 2006, Bure Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum in 2009, Hostel in 2011. Some of his notable works as a director include Shakalaka Boom Boom Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... , Hip Hip Hurray, Family No. 1, and All The Best.

They have made the audience love with his work and also made them very contended after watching them. According to him, he wants to work in a different type of serial. He desires to create some series for Asian television award and has been shortlisted in children’s category.

He also has a Hindi feature film in his hand. In an interview, he shared that his television career did not go well as there were many problems related to his family. He was forced to complete his education from NM College in Mumbai.

It was from there, that he got his first break and met some famous people who could help him achieve such a glorious success in his life. He was asked in an interview that which one was his favourite serial so far, and he said it was Family No1. He said he enjoyed directing it and also loved the way the cast used to perform on the sets.

He also liked it because it had many variations and subtle comedy in it. The whole story is created in a perfect manner with the blend of emotions. He also shared that he has also worked with Rajan Waghdhare Bio coming soon... >> Read More... for almost four years where he learned a lot about directing and editing. It was the place where he also polished his acting skills.

He has also worked in various Marathi serials which have helped him learn a lot. He is known as one of the most exceptional director and actor in the industry and especially in television. He is a very popular name in the television industry in South.

According to him, direction means getting the work done well by the crew so that it is liked by the viewers when they watch it. His way is very different from other directors as he conveys the actors directly want he wants from them, and thus it turns out to be the best which the spectators love to watch it.

Samar Shaikh Hindi Actor

Samar Shaikh

Samar Shaikh is a renowned art director in Bollywood and is always part of the big ventures. He debuted with the 2005 release, Bunty Aur Babli, a con couple who are selling out the Indian monuments to the people and driving out money from them. Rakesh and Vimmi both belong to the small village, Rakesh dreams of starting a business while Jimmy wants to be a supermodel. Both run from their houses and meet at the railway station and exchange words. Rakesh happens to meet an entrepreneur who turns him down; a man stole Rakesh’s ideas. They both decide to bluff him and take away the entire amount. They continue performing the cons so that they could collect enough money to reach Bombay. Both continue with their play and rob the rich; they soon fell in love and decide to continue working as a couple. An ACP is behind them for years and wants to catch them as soon as possible. The every con they perform he moves one step closer to them. Jimmy tells Rakesh she is pregnant, and they decide to quit this for the sake of their child. When the baby is born, ACP arrests them but on hearing their resolution, he decides to set them free. It grossed about $632 million, and the audience loved the fresh pairing of Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee. Their chemistry sizzled on screen, and the flick received various nominations and awards. After the success of Bunty Aur Babli, Samar contributed in the film, “Fanaa”, the story about Zooni, who is a blind girl who visits Delhi all the way from Kashmir to perform on the Republic Day. She meets a tour guide, Rehan and finds it difficult to stay away from him. They soon fell in love and spend the night together. The next day Rehan stops Zooni from leaving, and later they decide to get married. Zooni’s parents arrive, and she undergoes an eye surgery which cures her blindness. When she gets her vision back, she hears that Rehan is dead. She is unable to identify him and notices a sweater she gave him, thinking of Rehan as dead she leaves. Soon, in the picture, it is revealed that Rehan is alive and works for IKF. While on a mission, Rehan injures himself and arrives at a house which happens to be Zooni’s home where he meets his son. He doesn’t reveal his identity and stays there to interact with his son and soon gets attached to him. He reveals his identity and Zooni is asked by Tyagi, not to allow Rehan to escape. Rehan tries to do so but is shot. Samar’s other work include the Dhoom series, Roadside Romeo, etc. He even directed the picture, “Bobby Jasoos.”