Rudhramadevi A progeny that has been nurtured with great care by Gunashekar for almost 7 years The struggle of a woman has been experimented by different fil

Rudhramadevi Movie Review

Rudhramadevi Movie Review Telugu
Movie story for the film "Rudhramadevi"
Runtime: 2 Hours 38 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-10-2015
Genre: Drama, Historical
3.5 / 5.0

Rudhramadevi! A progeny that has been nurtured with great care by Gunashekar, for almost 7 years. The struggle of a woman has been experimented by different filmmakers, and Gunashekar should be lauded for taking a subject as this. Gunasasekhar is one director who is very keen on quality. He made this flick with a huge budget as 80 crores, to bring to life the glory of that period. And now wear your 3D glasses to enjoy this magnum opus… 

The location of this magnum opus multilingual flick is in the prehistoric Kakatiya dynasty, Orugallu. This stately dynasty is under the control of Raja Ganapati Devudu, who doesn’t have any male to survive him. Eventually, the Raja and his wife are blessed with Rudhrama Devi. Now the anxious Raja makes Rudhramadevi as Prince Rudra Devudu, frightened that his foes of the Devanagiri dynasty would wage wars with him, due to the unavailability of male successors. And our Rudhramadevi grows up courageously and doesn’t reveal her identity. And suddenly the whole Kakatiya dynasty learns that Rudhramadevi is indeed a female. And what is Rudra Devudu’s next step? Well, you just got to watch the film to know more. 

Anushka is indeed a dedicated actress and one would surely know how much efforts she puts for her films. Rudhramadevi too is no exception and she has surely done her best. Anushka has the unique forte of being dignified as well as being glamorous onscreen. She is at her glamour best in the songs. Rana has understood his role well and has done a commendable job. Allu Arjun, though in a cameo role, lingers in your heart. His Telangana slang is worth mentioning. His passion for acting in good movies is very obvious in the film. In fact, Allu Arjun didn’t get any remuneration for this flick.

There is nothing to say about Nithya Menon’s character, which is very brief. Catherine Tresa is quite at ease with her character. Krishnam Raju and Prakash Raj are also adept in their roles. And there is the baddie Suman who fits his role to the T.

Srimati Raagini Guna has handled the role of presenter of this movie. Ilaiyaraaja’s BGM is excellent. The screenplay of Gunasekar is highly gripping. It is very obvious that Gunasekar has done immense research for the film. The war scenes look too stupendous for words. The Elephant scene is an added attraction to the film. Ajayan Vincent’s cinematography is excellent. The voice over given by Chiranjeevi is indeed strength to the flick. But, again, efforts could have been taken to show intricate aspects of Rudhramadevi’s struggle. Parachuri Brothers’ have given their best with regard to Allu Arjun’s dialogues. Padmashri Thota Tharani has done his role well with an outstanding artwork. Neeta Lulla has handled the costume works and it is good.

It is very obvious that money has been spent lavishly in this magnum opus production. Gunaa Team Works, which is the production banner of Gunasekhar himself, has produced this movie. Well, the director has indeed carried three roles with great ease. 

On the flip side, though the first half is quite good, the second half struggles. But the stellar performance of Anushka and Allu Arjun act as the savior in such cases. Editing could have been handled better by Sreekar Prasad.

A woman’s struggle is always emotional and Rudhramadevi could have captured that emotional intensity to a good extent. But this can be justified by saying that the director had taken creative liberties of the real life story. But again, works of directors such as Gunasekar are viewed by a telescope and they are expected to do full justice to a film. Sometimes. Only if a film is near perfection we expect that it could have been better in some other ways. Rudhramadevi is one film which no doubt is engrossing but the minor flaws leave you expecting more from the ace director. 

Trivia: This epic drama has been made tax-free in Telangana…