Krishnam Raju

Other names of Krishnam Raju: Uppalapati Venkata Krishnam Raju, Rebel Star, Krishnaram Raju. B
Krishnam Raju Telugu Actor
  • DOB : 20-01-1940
  • Date of death: 2022
  • Star Sign : Aquarius
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor
Uppalapati Venkata Krishnam Raju is a Telugu film actor who has acted nearly 200 films. He was a prominent actor of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Industry people have often called him as ‘rebel star’ on the silver screen. He is also the uncle of new generation actor Prabhas. Being born in the Godavari district, he entered the film industry soon after graduation. Although he entered the film industry as a villain, soon he established himself as a full fledged hero within a short period of time. This was just possible because his persona was so multi-faceted and his talent was so exceptional that some roles which he did on screen, people could consider that the role was meant for him alone. He would work very hard along with the script and has left a vast impression in the mind of audiences with roles like “ Amaradeepam Click to look into! >> Read More... Amaradeepam ” and “Mana Voori Pandavulu” that fetched him national recognition too. He also has acted in many films with N T Rama Rao and . Some of the leading heroines who shared screen presence with him include Kanchana, Jamuna, Krishna Kumari Krishna Kumari was a leading actress in Telugu cin >> Read More... Krishna Kumari and Rajasulochana. He also acted in many mythological characters based in Hindu mythological scripts such as in films like “Bhakta Kannappa” portraying the roles of Arjuna or in ‘’Shri Vinayaka Vijayamu’’ portraying the role of Lord Shiva, He never got stereotyped in his character. He played anti-hero roles in some film and even villain too. He even did a pious role as elegantly as he did that of an angry young man or a historical character even. Later on, he ventured into film production too and launched Gopikrishna production house under which he made innumerable good films. After, he left his mark as a powerful actor in his 34-year long film career, he has taken interest to get busy in politics too. He could become a cult figure soon in politics too. Known for his hard work, dedication, honesty, it is no doubt he would shine even in politics too, as he has a huge fan following in the film industry and in politics too.