Top 10 Most Followed South Indian Celebrities

Top 10 Most Followed South Indian Celebrities Telugu Article

The fandoms are a great motivation to the celebrities, as they know that their fans are always with them. Following your favorite actor or actress is a new way of showing that you are their fan. Sometimes the popularity of the celebrities, is also weighed on the basis of their number of followers. Here, is the list of 10 most followed South Indian celebrities going from a less to the most followed.

1. Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... Mahesh Babu

With a followers list of 8.6 million Mahesh Babu is among the most followed South Indian celebrities. The list not only consists of the people who love his movies but also of the ones that find him extremely cute (like me, JK). So, jokes aside, Mahesh Babu has always been one of the celebrities who delivers the best acting in each movie he is casted and deserves all the more support.


2. Prabhas

Yes! We have our very own most mighty King Prabhas in the list. With his character of Baahubali going famous worldwide he has gained over 8.6 million followers on his Instagram. We are telling you a secret (Not so secret) The list also has some celebrities in it. Let’s see how much more the number will increase in the coming years.

3. Yash

After the success of K.G.F, the male lead has seen a huge rise in his popularity. From getting famous as Rocky, Yash has made his way to the top. This famous actor has 10.9 million followers on his official Instagram handle. He is active on his social media platform and often posts pictures for his fans.


4. Vijay Devarakonda

With a huge number of fans, the ‘ Arjun Reddy Click to look into! >> Read More... Arjun Reddy ’ actor has gained himself more than 15.9 million followers. He has shown us his charms, love and the best acting in his movies and he truly deserves all the fame that he has gained.


5. Allu Arjun The actor was born to producer Allu Arvind and Nir >> Read More... Allu Arjun

The established actor who has worked through so much to get himself the whopping number of fans. His followers list consists of 18.5 million along with him being socially active. He is seen posting about his works, family and personal lives as well. Allu Arjun will always remain to be one the most followed celebrities in our country.


6. Shruti Haasan Shruti Hassan is an Indian film actress born on 28 >> Read More... Shruti Haasan

An actress who has done her best to get all the fans following her to show their support. Shruti Haasan has a list of 20.3 million supporters on her Insta account. She has more than 2000 posts which shows how well connected is she with her fans.


7. Rakul Preet Singh Rakul Preet Singh is a famous Indian model working >> Read More... Rakul Preet Singh

Not only being a famous actress of the South, Rakul Preet Singh has already established herself as one of the greatest actresses of Bollywood as well. She is a complete package of good acting, enthusiasm and some really good projects. She has a follower list of 22 million. That’s a huge number and we wish her to get a billion more.


8. Kajal Aggarwal Kajal Aggarwal is a modern Indian model and film a >> Read More... Kajal Aggarwal

And we have Kajal Aggarwal taking up the 3rd spot of most followed South Indian celebrity, with 23.2 million followers. She posts everything, from a no-makeup look to the most dolled up pictures of her. And the fans definitely love seeing her being so interactive with them.


9. Samantha Ruth Prabhu Born on April 28 1987 Samantha is a model and actr >> Read More... Samantha Ruth Prabhu

If you were to ask a name of a South Indian celebrity who has been my favorite form the start until now, I would name Samantha. She is like one of the best actresses there are and she deserves much more than those 24.1 million followers. With every project she does she earns herself a great number of fans, who are much eager to know more about her.

10. Rashmika Mandanna Rashmika became born in Virajpet, a metropolis in >> Read More... Rashmika Mandanna

And taking up the spot of the most followed South Indian celebrities is Rashmika Mandanna with a followers list of 32.2 million. She is active on her twitter handle as well and does not shy away from connecting with her fans. We wish her to succeed to greater goals and have many more fans.

We love celebrities who love their fans. Don’t we? Let’s see how many more celebrities make their way to the top of this list with more projects coming up. Comment down your favorites and tell us if you found this list to be useful.