The Tamil industry is growing day by day. It is because of the development of new conceptual movie grabbing the more of audiences in the theatre. The Vaaimai is

Vaaimai Movie Review

Vaaimai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Vaaimai"
Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-09-2016
Genre: Action, Thriller
1.5 / 5.0

The Tamil industry is growing day by day. It is because of the development of new conceptual movie grabbing the more of audiences in the theatre. The Vaaimai is the Tamil film released on the 08 September 2016. It is the action, thriller film. Here you will get the complete analysis of the Vaaimai film.


You will find the Shanthnu Bhagyaraj and Muktha Banu in male and female lead respectively. The story plot is base on the Hollywood movie 12 Angry Men. The idea for the Vaaimai was taken from this film. The Prithi Rajan who is playing the role of Velan got the punishment of the death for the case of the murder. The Poornima Bhagyaraj Poornima Bhagyaraj was born in Tamil Nadu, India. >> Read More... Poornima Bhagyaraj is playing the role of his mother. She didn’t tell about his son to the court what had happened exactly in the crime spot. As a result, to know the reality judge appoints the jury. The jury has the combination of different characters. It has Shakthi, the Shanthnu Bhagyaraj is playing the role of philosopher. The Goundamani is playing the role of the doctor. The Muktha Banu is playing the role of the pilot. The real drama begins and they had to find out the real criminal. The discussion of the jury, their difference of thought will make you entertain. You will also be in the think who is real murderer. To know how all this drama proceeds catch the Vaaimai.


The film has initiated the shoot in the year 2013 and it finally released in 2016. The action scene is astounding for the audience. The viewers will get the entertainment in this part. The thrilling action will continue your attention at the end of the story. The Vaaimai has got the direction of A. Senthil Kumar. He has also written the dialogue for the script. He is well in the direction while he has given the appreciable performance in the dialogue writing. The dialogues of the movie are well constructed. The S. Mani and S. Thamizhini is the producer of the film. Their production is okay. The Augath has given the music. There are five songs in the movie that are pleasant to hear. The beautiful voice of the Alka Yagnik Alka Yagnik is a very popular playback singer of t >> Read More... Alka Yagnik will make you her fan. The use of the musical instrument is in a good manner. The cinematography was done by the Raasamathi. The Min Max Movies Limited had given the production for the Vaaimai.

Star performance

You will get the different and new look of the Shanthnu Bhagyaraj. In some instant, his action doesn’t look original. He is okay in the acting part. The Muktha Banu has given the justice to the role of the pilot. The presence of comedian Goundamani adds the flavour of the comedy. His presence makes the script impact more strongly on the screen. The supporting actors Thyagarajan, Prithi Rajan, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Uravashi, Ramki and Manoj K Bharti are well in the supporting role. The effect of all the supporting cast is an amalgamation of all the character. Still, we can expect the most powerful drama from the cast. It might be due to the rush of the character in the script. It is the demand of the script that everyone has the confined role in a particular character. The overall performance gave the average impact to the screen. Let’s see how many collections it can gather at the weekend.

What’s there?

1. The story plot of the movie is different from the traditional stories. Although, it was inspired by the Hollywood script it has carried out in a creative manner.

2. The dialogues are the high lightening part of the film.

3. The thrilling part will fascinate you in the script.

What’s not there?

1. The script does not reveal the need of the certain things. At some point, it becomes illogical where sequence flow is going on.

2. The direction can go well in the part of the story telling execution.

3. The editing can be expected to do well than the present effect.


If you are looking for a thriller with action and dialogs with the Hollywood touch story then you can grab your seats in the cinema hall for your entertainment.