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Ganapathy Balamurugan Tamil Actor

Ganapathy Balamurugan

Ganapathy Balamurugan is not, however, stopped making films after “Enakku Veru Engum Kilaigal Kidaiyathu,” even if his one new movie could not be more different from the goofball comedies of legendary actor Goundamani who was given a lead role. And the film can be really considered a remarkable journey for a director like Balamurugan who wanted to keep comedy genre alive on the screen. It is hard to recall after seeing the movie that it had the less impressive effort of Goundamani to make his comedy really believable when we draw a comparison with ‘’49-O’’ which was a 2015 Tamil political satire film. Director Ganapathy Balamurugan made some mistakes in choosing an unfocused script and even did not handle the star in the best way that is why his first debut as a director was not a shiny example of a perfect Kollywood commercial potboiler. Thus, we can consider that his first project was an inauspicious beginning. We often know that the first film of any director is always a passion project where the director can have more control in choosing the script, while the second or third project becomes harder to choose and even more difficult to get made. Hence, Ganapathy Balamurugan’s success may only get a credit that he failed to make an impact for whatsoever reasons and left an impact with more negativity. But then failure always leads a pillar to success in one’s life. Therefore, we can firmly believe that the director would come back with a strong script in any genres whether it is a comedy, serious or sentimental films even. It is true that Ganapathy Balamurugan’s first project failed to find success despite Goundamani was cast. We can only assume now that if at all it was a movie of comedies in grand scale, the film could have been a hit. We are looking forward to a future project of Ganapathy Balamurugan definitely, but with a huge margin of success.


Adam Dasan

Adam Dasan is an astounding Tamil director in the Kollywood industry. After completing his education, he went to Chennai to learn more about directing films. Mr. Adam Dasan worked with much-renowned directors and enhanced his career. He also worked with many famous actors and actresses and showed his dedication and efforts to its best when directing a film. He directed one movie currently, and it got a lot of recognition from the Indian audience and critics. Also, he's is a budding director in the industry and currently on a path of directing some great films. In an interview, he said a motion picture is not an assignment but as a baby to its director. In 14th August 2016, he directed along with Mr. Shankar and received a chance to make her first ever debut movie named Pambu Sattai. The film was under the banner of Magic Frames and Manobala Production House. It cast actors like Keerthy Suresh, Bobby Simha, Muktha Bhanu, and Aadhira. At first, it was about to release on 15th August 2016. During that time, the creators decided to not to expose the slightest plot in public and waited for the motion to release and earn a good amount of recognition as well as profits. When the trailer released, it created so much hype about the movie and people were so excited to go and see the film in their near theaters. The music director of the motion picture was Ajeesh, who won many awards and received many titles for his singles he gave in the other movies.. The cinematography was done by the renowned Kg Venkatesh which added a plus point to it.  

Adam Dasan Tamil Actor