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Niranjan Jayaprakash Tamil Actor

Niranjan Jayaprakash

Niranjan Jayaprakash, son of the famous Tamil actor Jayaprakash, made his first appearance in the film Easan (2010) and later on in the 2015 film Aivaraatam. He has a brother named Dhushyanth Jayaprakash. The film Aivaraatam, where Jayaprakash and his sons Niranjan and Dhushyanth has took roles is based on a real incident story about a football set against rural backdrop, which took place in Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu. The film is directed by debutant Mithun Manickam. Both Niranjan and his younger brother weren’t exposed much to the films before and when the director came with an opportunity, their father and actor, Jayaprakash thought it a great idea and it became a debut film for both of his sons. Niranjan is into events management while Dhushyanth is studying Visual Communication. Both Niranjan and his brother played the captains of senior and junior teams and his father essayed the role fo the village’s influential person who supports one of the teams. The actor Jayaprakash seemed to be very much proud of both his son’s performance. The film Aivaraatam is a game of 5 people, popular in Sivagangai. Niranjan and Dhushyanth plays lead roles and are brothers in the film. The film contains ego between brothers, romance and family sentiment. It’s an inspirational film and does draws everyone to it. Niranjan also worked in his next film Muppozhudhum Un Kaarpanai, with Atharva. He sees his father as a role model and is very much impressed by his father’s acting. His father is very much encouraging and promotes Niranjan in acting films. There’s a special bonding between the father and the two sons that rose them to great heights. Having supporting parents, they can rise to heights pretty quick and effective. Niranjan Jayaprakash took the role as Vinod in Easan while his brother played the role of Easan. Niranjan being acted in just two films seem to continue his work of acting just like his father. A path that seem to provide him fame and reputation just like the film world rose his father.