Well is Mapla nbsp Singam nbsp old wine in a new bottle Read on to know more Plot Radha Ravi nbsp is the Chair Person in the Theni district for over 20 yea

Mapla Singam Movie Review

Mapla Singam Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Movie story for the film "Mapla Singam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 11-03-2016
3 / 5.0

Well, is Mapla Singam old wine in a new bottle? Read on to know more.


Radha Ravi is the Chair Person in the Theni district for over 20 years. Ramdoss tries hard to get his position but fails in the attempt every time. However, he is hell bent on getting that post. In the meantime, a dispute arises as to who will pull the chariot in the chariot festival. 

Apart from the ongoing situation we see that the son of Radha Ravi's brother, Vemal and Anjali who is related to Ramdoss have fallen in love with each other. Also, Radha Ravi's daughter and Anjali’s brother are smitten with each other and end up  running away from the village. This aggravates the enmity between the two families. There  also appears a friction between Anjali and Vemal due to this. Next we see the elections for the post of the chair person taking place. Anjali contests in the place of Ramdoss and Vemal contests in the place of Radharavi. Well, I am not going to leak the rest of the story. Watch it and know what happens later.

Star Performances

Vemal shines in his character as the rural guy while Anjali does a great job in her meaty role. Kaali Venkat, Soori and Adam Greig play the role of the buddies of  Vemal with much gusto. Radharavi gives a seasoned performance. Ramdoss also does a good job.


Director Rajasekhar debuts with this film and emerges victorious in his first attempt. The plot of the movie is quite different and that should be appreciated. 

What’s there?

  • The screenplay is definitely one of the highlights of the movie. 
  • Humour plays an important part in the movie. 
  • Don Ashok’s dialogues add lustre to the movie. 
  • Tarun Balaji’s cinematography is appealing. 
  • Music of N R Raghunanthan gels well with the tempo of the film. 

What’s not there?

A white man speaking dialogues on Indian culture is quite unusual but still it is enjoyable as the movie progresses. 


The rustic feel is oozing throughout the film and can be enjoyed by the family audience. Watch it with your family!