A Malayalam crime comedy released last year, Tharangam, is directed by debutant Dominic Arun and saw Tovino Thomas, Balu Varghese, Santhy Balachandran and Neha

Tharangam Movie Review

Tharangam Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Tharangam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 29-09-2017
Genre: Action, Comedy
3 / 5.0



A Malayalam crime comedy released last year, Tharangam, is directed by debutant Dominic Arun Dominic Arun is a writer and Malayalam film indust >> Read More... Dominic Arun and saw Tovino Thomas Tovino Thomas is a well-known face in the Malayala >> Read More... Tovino Thomas , Balu Varghese Balu Varghese is an Indian Malayali film actor. He >> Read More... Balu Varghese , Santhy Balachandran Santhy Bicalachandran is well known for her acting >> Read More... Santhy Balachandran and Neha Iyer Neha Iyer is a south Indian actress and a well rec >> Read More... Neha Iyer portraying major roles.


Tharangam narrates the story of two suspended police officers Pappan(Tovino) and Joy(Balu) who find themselves in rough waters while investigating Omana(Neha), the wife of a prominent businessman.

The movie portrays the two friends brush with the underworld and takes the audience through a tale of their misadventures. Santhy Balachandran plays the role of Malu, Tovino’s love interest. Elements of romance, dark humor, action, and fantasy are showcased within an overarching framework of crime and the underworld.


The screen opens with a conversation between God, played by Dileesh Pothan Dileesh Pothan is a prominent Malayalam film actor >> Read More... Dileesh Pothan and a thief Kallan Pavithran.The rest of the movie that follows is God’s narration, which is undoubtedly an entertaining watch for the audience. By infusing lighter elements such as romance and humor into a seemingly dark framework of crime and the underworld, Dominic ensures that the movie will be a refreshing watch.

The unconventional narration mechanisms and the fusion of fantasy and realism make the movie an appreciable experiment, especially for a debut director. The confusion and the twists could keep the spectator engaged or conversely, make them lose track of the entire narrative.

Star Performances:

Tovino and Balu, who have captured the hearts of the audience through their earlier acting ventures, does not disappoint and have got into the skin of their respective characters. The rest of the cast has done impressively well, considering the fact that it is an ensemble of newcomers.

Santhy Balachandran and Neha Iyer are in form and can be undoubtedly called promising actors. The movie also stars Unni Mukundan Born on the 22nd of September, 1987, Unni Mukundan >> Read More... Unni Mukundan , Manoj.K.Jayan and Saiju Kurup Saiju Govind Kurup, known for his screen name as S >> Read More... Saiju Kurup in supporting roles.

What’s there?

1. Tovino Thomas is impressive, as he shifts character from a confused and unfortunate cop to someone who is trying to take charge of his life.

2. The visuals, cinematography, and music are laudable. 3. A strong cast that does justice to the respective roles is the highlight of the film.

What’s not there?

1. The film lacks clarity, as it attempts to bring together different narratives into one.

2. Excessive burden on a single character has left the rest of the cast, enacting shallow roles.

Verdict: Tharangam takes the spectator on a rollercoaster journey, which is amusing and tiring at the same time. It is not one of the must-watch movies but assures us that the world isn’t as dark as it seems. Also, it can’t be denied that the team is quite promising and talented.