Alencier Ley Lopez Malayalam Actor
  • DOB : 11-12-1965
  • Age : 57
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills

Alencier Ley Lopez is an Indian film actor and theatre artist, popular amongst the regional audience for his work in movies like Rosapoo (2018), Kala VIplavam Pranayam (2018), Oru Kuprasidha Payyan (2018), Parava (2017), Mayanadhi (2017), Vimanaam (2017), etc. Mostly known for his predominant involvement in Mollywood movies, Malayali TV shows, dramas, short films, and theatres, he was awarded the Best Character Award at the 48th Kerela State Film Awards for the film Thondimuthalum Drikasakhiyum (2017). Born on 11th December 1965, Alencier hails from a Latin Catholic family in Puthenthope, Thiruvananthapuram.

After completing his graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Thumba and University College of Thiruvananthapuram, he married Suseela George, who worked as a mathematics teacher. The couple has two sons, namely Alen Steve Lopez and Alen Savio Lopez. In 1998, Alencier was introduced in the film industry by the renowned director and cinematographer Venu in the film Daya. Over the years, he has featured in various film projects as an actor and won several awards like Filmfare Award, Asianet Film Award, CPC Cine Award, etc. Apart from the success. He is set to hit the stage again in 2019 with the upcoming projects like Ottam, Aanenkilum Allenkilum, and Moothon.

Another Version of this Bio...

Alencier is a film and a small screen actor. Alencier is Indian and was born on 11 December, 1965, in Thiruvananthapuram, India. Alencier works in the Malayalam film industry. His spouse's name is Suseela George and the couple is blessed with two children. Alencier started his career in the Malayalam film industry in 1997 and continued till 2003. But after that, he took a break and didn't appear on screen. Later again he came back in the year 2012 and was active till the recent years. Alencier was brought-up in Puthenthope, a small village in the Thiruvananthapuram, located in Kerala. He was educated at Thiruvananthapuram University College. Alencier's wife is a Maths teacher and the couple has two Sons Alen Steve Lopez and Alen Savio Lopez. Lopez's first film was Daya which was released in 1998.

Alencier was introduced to the movie industry by a director named Venu through the movie, Daya. The movie Kanyaka Talkies Click to look into! >> Read More... Kanyaka Talkies was released in the year 2013. Alencier played a role of K. R. Manoj's which had brought him into the spotlight and made him popular among the audience. Alencier had begun his career at the age of five in his native land Puthenthope. The Puthenthope people in the village are famous for football and theater. Lopez choose his career in theater field. He along with his friends formed a theater troupe named Netaji. He initiated his career in acting and writing plays at the age of eight. After his education in school, he decided to become an actor instead of a priest. Lopez is associated with many troupes like Kavalam Narayana, K. Raghu's Natakayogam, C. P. KrishnaKumar's, and Panicker's Sopanam.

Before beginning his life with Susheela George, Lopez had stated that he will be acting till his death and was not doing this for any fame or fortune. On that agreement, they both got married and started their life. Before completion of his dialogue, Susheela stood by his side and after marriage, Susheela stood beside him through think and thin and help him pursue his career. Alencier faced all the hurdles with a positive mindset. Lopez's motivation in acting comes from his village people, who used to conduct Leyon Lopez Nadakaolsavam, a theater festival. Even though his father is completely against to his ambitions, Alencier strongly decided to show his dedication to the art and became famous.