Dominic Arun is a writer and Malayalam film industry director. He is well known for movie like Tharangam which was released in 2017 and was his first independent film as director.

He has done movies like Credo in 2014 and Style released in 2016. He quit his job as a software professional in the United Kingdom to work as a director in the film industry. He assisted directors like Aneesh Upasana and Santosh Nair.

He made short films too before doing the movie Tharangam. He was the co-writer of this dark thriller movie. He has started his career now independently. He is from Kochi, India.

V. A. Shrikumar Menon Malayalam Actor

V. A. Shrikumar Menon

V.A. Shrikumar Menon is an Indian advertisement and feature film director who made his debut from a Malayalam film ‘Odiyan’ in 2018. The film was written by Harikrishnan and the storyline was based upon the legend of Odiyan Clan. Odiyan became one of the highest grossing Malayalam films till now which is a huge success for Shrikumar. He is chairman of Push Integrated Communications established in 2000. This company serves as the one offering business consulting, advertisement, branding, corporate events and public relations among each other. He has done almost 400 advertisement films till now. Shrikumar was born in Palakkad, Kerala, India. He has done B. Com and MA Advertising Practice from Bath Spa University, England. He is married to Sharmila and has a daughter named Lakshmi. He started an advertising company named Colours of the World but soon due to some problems it had to shut down within a year as one of his clients got into trouble. He ran into so much debt that it took him 13 years to get out of it. Then he meets Ramesh Kalyanaraman who was executive director of Kalyan Jewelers and made an ad for him. From there he got back into the business. He worked with many popular actors of Bollywood too. He worked for Wrangler Jeans, Prime Meridian, Annapoorna, Kalyan Developers, etc. Menon is going to direct a film based on M.T. Vasudevan Nair’s novel Randamoozham. This novel is based on Mahabharata and starring Mohanlal Viswanatham. Producer of the film is B.R. Shetty and this movie is going to be made with the budget of 1000 Crore rupees and in two parts. The first part of the film is going to be released in 2020 and the second part will be released after 3 months of the release of the first part.