PLOT: A miserable, orphaned child named Ganya is left to the mercy of his maternal uncle and aunt who treat him in the harshest way possible. Ganya elopes and

My Friend Ganesha 3 Movie Review

My Friend Ganesha 3  Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " My Friend Ganesha 3"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-03-2010
2 / 5.0

PLOT: A miserable, orphaned child named ‘Ganya’ is left to the mercy of his maternal uncle and aunt who treat him in the harshest way possible. Ganya elopes and is adopted by a truck-driver and his wife who cater to his needs with a lot of care only to be taken back home by his uncle. Hopeless and helpless, he finds his recluse in his favorite deity, Lord Ganesha, who helps him come out of this adverse phase of his life.

ANALYSIS: My Friend Ganesha 3 is the third installment of the My Friend Ganesha franchise. This is a film which is directed by Rajiv Ruia, and aims mostly at the young audience of India. It is a mix of animation and real-time production, and this movie is also available in a 3D version. It’s a film that is suitable for children and their families, and is based on Ganesha and the mercy that he bestows on the little child. There are various adventures that the boy goes through with the adorable deity

STAR PERFORMANCE: Every actor in this movie can only be mentioned here to have acted excessively loud in the film. There is an immense amount of overacting that you can expect from every actor.


  • This film is enjoyable for kids, especially because the deity of Lord Ganesha is cute, relatable and fun to watch.
  • The only thing that may look like an attraction is the animation that it has, and the adorable picturisation of Lord Ganesha.


  • Everyone in the film has shown their worst acting performance. They have not taken the movie seriously and have rendered the movie to have become extremely stupid and illogical.
  • The main attraction for this movie, which is the animated Lord Ganesha, doesn’t come into the frame until much later- in the second half of the movie. This is disappointing, because all that the kids look forward to is the animated deity and they end up waiting for him for a long time.
  • Even though the movie is originally for tiny toddlers, there are sleazy comedy and moments in the film, which makes it rather inappropriate for kids to watch at times.
  • The film lacks the finish that a movie should have, which makes it look unprofessional to the viewers.

VERDICT: This movie, though essentially made for kids, can be given a miss, because it doesn’t have anything too appealing in it even for the tiny toddlers.