It Is No Longer About The Content In TV Shows

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

It Is No Longer About The Content In TV Shows

Actress Himani Shivpuri, who is very well known for her roles in Hindi films and soaps, recently went on to say that television was a much more taxing process than films. The actress who has starred in several genres in her career has also acted in several plays.

She says that today, TV has changed. It is no longer about good, mature content.

She said that earlier, for shows, the main concentration was on the story line and proper content, but today, TV shows rarely have any scope for creativity or innovation in between the race to be the best.

This, in turn, becomes very taxing and difficult for the actors in the show. It is true that today, all that TV shows are concerned with are TRPs and not about what is telecasted. We wonder how these shows will change from now. We can only hope for the best.